New flowers

On Saturday Jason and I spent most of the day planting flowers. My parents had given me a gift card to Lowe’s for my birthday that I was, honestly, really scared to use. I have gotten so frustrated with plants over the past month because a week after I weed our front flower beds the ENTIRE THING is already overgrown again with weeds! But Jason convinced me that this wouldn’t be anything like pulling weeds so we went to Lowe’s on a mission. We ended up getting two vines to go in the planters on our front porch so that they can grow up the stands that we have there. We also got some zinnia’s and jasmine to go in the planter in the back. We also got a hydrangea and some other flowers and planted a bed beneath our window. It was HOT and I think we were the only people in our neighborhood outside but now it was totally worth it! Mom requested pictures so they’re below.

This is Buttercup Jessamine that will hopefully grow up our topiaries!

This is Luca in front of the zinnia’s and jasmine. He loves sniffing the flowers!

This is our bed under our window. The green plant in the back is a pink hydrangea. Hopefully the flowers will grow quickly. Thanks Mom and Dad for the rocks!

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