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I love blogging. It is so much fun! To me it’s such an outlet to be creative and also to share things that are going on with your friends and family. I love reading your blogs (even though I sometimes feel like a stalker) and I always love checking out everyone’s blog design. How do these people get their blogs so cute! I figure they must be art majors or something to have their blogs so cute and fashionable.

But a few weeks ago I stumbled upon a blog that had a tag up in it’s corner saying that their blog design was from The Cutest Blog on the Block. I mean, even their name was cute! So I went to check it out and was totally impressed with the number of FREE backgrounds that they have on their website. My background is from this website. However, I was disappointed with their header selection. So many people have such cute headers that I really didn’t want to share a design with a lot of other people. So I went looking…

I talked with Jennie Marie whose blog is so adorable! She suggested looking online for digital scrapbook kits and then using Photoshop or some other photo software to create a header. So a few weeks ago I found The Shabby Shoppe. Talk about a bloggers heaven! There are all kinds of kits there! The only problem is they cost money. But the good part is is that they don’t cost a lot of money. So I downloaded a kit and created the header above. What do you think? I like it but now I’ve got the desire to create more and more!

So now you’re thinking…Jennifer, where are you going with this blog? I’m kind of wondering the same thing myself. I #1 wanted to let you know where I got my supplies in case you want to create a header or blog design for yourself. I #2 wanted to let you know that if you want me to create a header for you that I’ll be happy to. If you know what you want it to say and kind of what you want it to look like I’d be thrilled to create it for you. I’m thinking I would charge maybe $10-$15 to cover the cost of the download and my time depending on how detailed you want your header to be. So, if anyone’s interested in a new header but doesn’t have time or the desire to create it themselves let me know!

Has anyone found any other really cute digital scrapbook sites? Comment and let me know what they are!

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