Fun at the Lake!

Yesterday Mom and Dad’s neighbor’s the Yokley’s invited our entire family to their lake house after the guys finished golf. We had so much fun! It had been so long since I’d been on the lake or river that I’d completely forgotten how relaxing it is. The Yokley’s had jet skis that we got to play with and a ski boat that we skied behind. They had all kinds of fun “land” games like corn toss and shuffleboard (which got VERY competitive surprisingly enough). We grilled burgers and enjoyed a delicious dinner. And then we got in their pontoon boat to go and see the bats emerge from, literally, the bat cave. That was a very interesting experience because there were probably hundreds of bats exiting this cave on the water at the same time and they were all flying around very close to the boats (there were probably 20 other boats there watching the bats also). It was unsettling to have so many bats flying so close to my head! But no one got hit so it was just a lot of fun. Although I am very sore from my skiing excursion yesterday we had such a great time!

Jason and Charlie relaxing during the thunderstorm that rolled through

Mom and Dad

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