Pray for Alabama Kappa’s

I found out this morning that there was a bad car accident Friday night that killed two freshmen from UA that were Kappa’s. There were a few cars of girls headed down to the beach for Labor Day and one of the driver’s dozed off and over-corrected herself and her car ended up flipping multiple times. Both the driver and the front passenger were killed. There were two other girls in the backseat who are ok and the car behind them watched it all happen.

Please pray for these girls and their families. This is not how you want to start college. The grief and emotions that they are having to work through have to be horrible. Also, pray for the other girls who knew them and lived around them. A friend from my home town lived next door to her in Tutwiler and I’m sure there are countless others who are devestated from this loss. Please pray for these girls, their families, the Kappa’s and the greek community at Alabama as they mourn these girls who had so much in front of them.

Here’s a link to the story in the Mobile paper.

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