Pray for MckMama and Stellan

I don’t know if you’ve gone and checked out MckMama’s blog yet.  If not, you definitely should because she’s got a lot going on and is a lot of fun.  She hosts Not Me! Monday where everyone can chime in on the things they definitely didn’t do that week.  🙂  You know, those things that you did but you can’t believe you actually did them, that’s the whole point of Not Me! Monday is to know that you’re not alone!  

But among other things MckMama is about to give birth to her fourth child.  A little boy that they’ve named Stellan.  When Stellan was approx 24 weeks MckMama got put into the hospital and it was discovered that Stellan’s heart was not working properly.  The doctor’s told MckMama and her family that Stellan would surely die within the next 24 hours later.  Now, Stellan is a 36 week baby boy who is going to be born TOMORROW!  No one except for God knows whether Stellan’s heart will beat normally tomorrow or whether he will have to fight for his life.  No one knows whether all of his heart problems will be healed or whether Stellan might continue to have serious complications after his birth.  All we know is that God is holding Stellan in the palm of his hand and he knows the outcome.
Please join me in praying for MckMama, Stellan, and their whole family tonight and tomorrow.  A prayer vigil has been set up if you want to pray in specific 1/2 hour increments.  Otherwise just pray for them over the next few days as Stellan comes into the world.  MckMama is having a C-section at 9:30 AM CST tomorrow.  Please pray for their protection, their healing, and God’s will in their lives.

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