What a Weekend!

Wow! While this last weekend was fun, I’m exhausted!
We started the weekend Friday night with a Progressive Dinner with our Sunday School class.  It was so  nice to get to spend some quality time with all of the great couple’s in our class!  We try and get together regularly but with so many kids in our class and on the way it’s hard to get everyone’s schedules to match up.  It was fun getting some L&D advice from experienced mothers and getting to chat about birthday parties, Christmas, and everything else going on! Here are some pictures from our house, where we had soup for the main course.  We have so many people in our class these days that I was worried about everyone having a place to sit but we ended up having a table of four empty so that made me feel better!

On Saturday Jason and I went out to try and finish our Christmas shopping.  We got close, but didn’t quite make it! We also picked up Mom and Dad’s extra Christmas tree and put it up.  Since I couldn’t really do the lights this year and we’re going to be pretty busy for the next few weeks we decided to borrow Mom and Dad’s this year instead of getting a real tree.  I’m planning on joining Boo Mama’s Christmas Open House in December so I won’t post pictures until then, but it turned out pretty cute!
Sunday, was a busy day for us also!  Sweet Caroline got dedicated at church which was so special to watch.  She looked beautiful in her white dress and Kelly and Tripp looked like polished, experienced parents up there! 🙂  She didn’t cry or do anything but smile the entire time that she was in front of the congregation!  It was so special to be able to be at church that day and pray over the Dixon’s as they dedicate Caroline and themselves to God.  After church we got to spend some time with Kelly and Tripp’s families which was so nice.  They have such great families that it’s always a treat when we get to see them!  Go check out Kelly’s blog to see some pictures of the beautiful family.
So this week I’m trying to cook some desserts for our family Thanksgiving with my Mom’s side on Wednesday.  I’m also working on Recipe Wednesday this week.  Since Kelly and Jenni were the only commenters I’m going to try and meet both of their requests this week!  We’ll see how I do!  
Are you swamped this week trying to get ready for Thanksgiving?  Is anyone hosting Thanksgiving?  Please tell me, what’s your favorite Thanksgiving food?  Baby and I are already dreaming about all of the yummy food that we’re going to eat this week!

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