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Cosmic Christmas

Have you ever read Cosmic Christmas by Max Lucado?  In high school our Sunday School teacher would read us the book the Sunday before Christmas.  It’s a powerful story that makes me cry every time I read it.  I was blessed to receive the book as a gift from my aunt Carrie a number of years ago and it’s still one of my most treasured possessions.  The book starts in the Throne Room of Heaven with God instructing Gabriel to go and see Mary.  The angels endure struggles and fights with Satan and his army on their way to Earth but arrive safely and Mary becomes pregnant with Jesus, the precious, unbelievable Son of God. The book then leads us on Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem.  We get to see the angels protecting them as they travel and the angels making it harder for Satan to find Mary and the baby by renting out the last of the rooms in the inn.  And finally we get to read about our glorious Savior’s birth.

The book makes me think about a lot of things, especially this year.  What a sacrifice God made for us.  For each and every one of us.  I am praying daily for a baby who is happy and healthy and who will grow up to love and serve God.  And God loves us even more than I love my baby.  So much so that he came and was beaten and tortured to die for us.  He went to Hell and back just for us.  Brother Jimmy said something about this on Sunday at church.  He said that God came to us so that we might come to Him.  He came to us because of his love for us.  Without God coming for us we would have never been able to have a relationship with Him.  He’s perfect after all and we aren’t.  God wanted a relationship with us so badly that He came.  He gave up all that he had to come and be with us.  How amazing.  How miraculous.  How humbling.  
One section that I love in the book is when God is instructing Gabriel to come to earth and tell Mary.  The book is told by Gabriel’s point of view and at this point he says, 
I could not comprehend God’s plan, but my understanding
was not essential.  My obedience was.
How often do I feel like that?  I don’t understand God’s plan.  I wonder why things happen.  Why some blessings take years and other seconds.  Why people hurt and people fight.  Why there is disease and war and famine.  But this book helps me remember, that I don’t have to understand.  I don’t have to do anything other than obey God and trust that His plan is the best.  This book helps me remember that God does everything for a purpose.  A purpose that He is weaving together to the good.  So while it might seem like things are out of control here, in reality, everything is in God’s hand and in His perfect plan.  And all I have to do is listen and obey.  That always relaxes me and reminds me that I’m not in control, God is.  How comforting!  
So today and tomorrow and for the rest of the Christmas season I hope that you’ll take a minute with me to reflect on the glory of God.  To remember his sacrifice.  To remember his love for you.  To remember all that he has done just so that he may have a relationship for you.  What love.  What devotion.  What sacrifice.  From our family to yours, have a very Merry Christmas and enjoy worshipping the child in the manger.  Remember that he came just for you. 

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