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On the road again…again!

Well I got back into town Wednesday night and let me tell you, I was exhausted! Nothing like getting up at 3:30 AM and working until 7 PM to make a pregnant lady tired!  Thankfully I feel almost recovered now.  Which is good, since we’re leaving shortly to head to Atlanta for the SEC Champioship game!  Kelly told me last night that I should just keep a bag packed at all times so that I won’t have to repack everything for all of our trips and today while I was packing I thought that might be a good idea!  

Despite the fact that I hate packing and I’m having to pack for the third time in a week I’m excited about this weekend.  We’re staying at a fabulous hotel.  We’re going to get some great food.  We’ll enjoy some bonding time with the family.  And, hopefully, we’ll get to see an awesome football game that we win!  I am an eternal optimist and so I have every confidence that our boys can get us a trip to Miami but some in my family aren’t quite as optimisitic and have to list out 10 different things that have to go just perfect in order for us to win.  All I have to say to that is Roll Tide!  🙂  So far, baby Mo has had a great season and I’m not sure why that should change now!  Here’s to hoping that Mo gets to enjoy a SEC Championship!
Have a very merry weekend! Roll Tide! 

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