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Roll Tide Anyway!

The game this weekend ended with disappointment. Our boys played a great game and we looked very evenly matched with Florida for the entire game. But in the end everything went right for Florida and we needed a mistake or two in order to pull the game off. Despite the ending of the game we had a great weekend.

When we got to our amazing hotel, The Mansion on Peachtree, we hung out in the bar area with my parents and Charlie for a little while. Then we went with my parents to Dantanna’s where we enjoyed great steaks! Saturday started with a fun brunch at Corner Bakery and then a Marta ride that was slightly less painful than the ride the Clemson game. It was freezing in Atlanta this weekend that made all of the walks between train and dome, etc very cold. But once we got into the Georgiadome we had fantastic seats! Here we are and my parents and brother while we waited to get into the Georgiadome.

I had more pictures from the game but I’m having blogger issues. I’ll try putting them up later.
This morning the guys met one of my dad’s pledge brothers for golf at East Lake while Mom and I went shopping. There was a scary moment while at Banana Republic when I slipped and lost my balance a few stairs from the bottom of the stairs but I recovered and other than what I’m sure is going to be a nice bruise I survived unscathed.

Overwall it was a fantastic weekend! Now we’re looking forward to a fun trip to New Orleans at the beginning of the year. And, personally, the Sugar Bowl works out a lot better for us than the Championship game would. This will allow us to schedule our 20 week ultrasound appointment for January 8th instead of the 12th so we’ll get to find out whether baby Mo is a boy or a girl earlier. It will also be better vacation wise so that we can save that vacation for May!

Now it’s on to finishing the decorating of the house this week and preparing for our Christmas party this weekend. Posts might be few and far between again this week because I’ve got A LOT to do and not much time. If anyone wants to come over and help me decorate or cook this week you’re welcome to! 🙂

Are you done decorating for Christmas? Are you done with your shopping?? There are only 17 shopping days left before Christmas and I’m starting to panic. How do you find time to get everything done over the holidays while maintaining your sanity and your good spirits? Let me know what your secret is please!

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