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One of my favorite blogs is Kelly’s Korner.  Kelly is so sweet and is having her first little girl, Harper, today! Kelly has already blogged from her L&D suite this morning and is determined to keep all of her blog friends updated throughout the day, while she’s able.  I just love reading Kelly’s blog for numerous reasons.  One, she has great ideas.  Like recently she’s been making tutu’s for Harper and she included instructions online.  Then she made iced sugar cookies and chocolate dipped pretzels to give out to her guests at the hospital! I mean, who does that?!?! Kelly does! And now I plan to in May, so if you want something sweet come and see Charlotte! 🙂

But not only does Kelly post fantastic ideas and fun tidbits about her pregnancy she is also such a wonderful Christian woman.  Kelly and her husband struggled with infertility and she has been open about it on her blog.  If you’re struggling with that, Kelly is definitely a good person to talk to.  She is also a terrific prayer warrior.  She has started a prayer blog where she lists all of those who have come to her with prayer requests for a child or a husband.   Kelly prays over these women daily and wanted to give others the opportunity to pray over them also.  The amazing this is at the last count there are 13 women on that blog that have gotten pregnant in something like 10 weeks!  That just goes to show that God shows up when people pray!
So, if you’re looking for a good blog to follow go and check out Kelly’s.  If you want to be a part of an awesome prayer movement, go and check out her prayer blog.  If you want to have many, many people praying for you, get Kelly to add you to her prayer blog.  And, if you want to support Kelly, go and leave her an encouraging note today about Harper’s birthday!

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    January 16, 2009 at 4:34 pm

    Thanks so much for sharing, Jennifer! Kelly sounds like someone who should definitely be on my reader!

  2. Reply
    January 16, 2009 at 11:49 pm

    she sounds like a very sweet lady. I will go visit her blog.

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