Our ultrasound is tomorrow!

My heart almost stopped today when I got a reminder at 3 pm today that it was only 24 hours until I needed to leave for our ultrasound!  I can’t believe that it’s so close!  I’m praying that everything will be perfectly wonderful on the ultrasound and that Mo will really want a color coordinated room and so we’ll be able to tell whether Mo is a he or a she!

I know that tomorrow is going to make this whole experience even more real.  We’ve had a lot of moments in the past few weeks where it sinks in that this is really happening.  Our contractor is finished putting in the closet system in one of the nursery closets and the bookcases in the other.  They look so good and are exactly what I wanted!  Like I said last week, our crib is sitting in a huge box in the dining room just begging to be put together.  We have an assembled stroller and car seat in the guest room along with an unassembled pack n play, activity gym, Boppy, clothes, toys… the list goes on and on!  We’ve even picked out girl fabric and boy fabric and are just waiting until tomorrow to say which one is “the” fabric!
So tonight will pretty much be like Christmas Eve again for me.  I might stay up all night just hoping tomorrow will get here faster! 🙂  I’m going to close the baby pool at ExpectNet in the morning so that no one can change their guess once we determine who baby is.  And I’ll definitely blog about our results and our name tomorrow night!

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