Recipe Wednesday – Teriyaki Chicken

This is a great, EASY recipe that I got from Stephanie at Happily Ever After.  This recipe is a Crock-Pot recipe so all you really have to do is cut up the chicken.  I served this over brown rice and it was really yummy!  It’s working to satisfy my “ethnic” food craving during my pregnancy!  Stephanie puts the chicken over a special rice that she makes and is in her original post.  I didn’t take the time to make the rice this time but next time I’m going to try that too!

Teriyaki Chicken
1 pkg Chicken
1/2 bottle KC Masterpiece Honey Teriyaki Marinade
1 large can Pineapple Chunks, drained
Dash of ginger
1. Place chicken in bottom of crock pot.  Pour drained pineapple chunks over chicken.  Pour in 1/2 bottle of marinade.
2. Turn on crock pot and cook until done.  This took me about 2 hours on high.
Go and check out Stephanie’s post for more pictures and more detailed instructions.  She and her husband, Travis, are expecting a little girl, Ava, in April so also give her some encouragement as she goes through the last few weeks of her pregnancy!

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