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So I finally jumped on the Twitter bandwagon.  Ok, so far, I have only posted one tweet, but that’s a start!  I was confused for a while and thought you could only tweet from your cell phone but turns out you can tweet from the web also so that’s nice.  And for those of you who are in the same position I was in, oh say 20 minutes ago, a “tweet” is just a status update.  You can see my tweet’s or follow me on twitter by clicking “Follow Me on Twitter” down on my sidebar under my followers.  I’m not sure how often I’ll tweet — I haven’t been a huge status update person on facebook — but I bet it comes in more handy when Charlotte gets here or to update people on the status of Charlotte’s arrival.  As if you don’t get enough information about me just from my blog! 🙂

This week went surprisingly fast seeing how it was the first week back from vacation.  I am super glad that it’s the weekend though!  Jason’s going out with some friends from high school tonight for dinner so I’m on my own.  So what am I planning?? Shopping for Charlotte and for groceries!  Not too exciting but maybe I’ll find some fun stuff.  My parents got me an embroidery machine for my birthday so I’m so excited to go to the embroidery store tomorrow and buy thread and all the other “stuff” that I need to start monogramming.  Hopefully I’ll have some things to show you soon!
Please continue to keep Stellan and MckMama in your prayers.  Stellan is still in a continuous high heart rate.  Thankfully his body is still surviving but they really need to come up with a way to get his heart back into a normal sinus rhythm soon.  Please pray for healing for Stellan, continued strength for MckMama and her husband, and understanding and comforting for their other children.  MckMama is also on twitter and updates that far more frequently then her blog since the hospital where Stellan is blocks Blogger.  You can see her most recent tweet’s on the sidebar of her blog or you can follow her on Twitter.
I’m off to start some shopping!  Have a great weekend!

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    March 30, 2009 at 1:41 am

    So glad you’re doing the twitter thing…can’t wait to see pictures of the cute embroidered clothes you make for LMC (Little Miss Charlotte) 🙂

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