Holiday Slim Down Weigh In

Based on my scale I lost approximately 3/4 pound this week. I had a huge milestone when I was able to put on my pre-maternity jeans. I also was able to actually wear some capri’s and linen pants that were pre-maternity! That pretty much made my week and made me forget how far I still have to go to be where I want to.

This week I did walk three times and I stayed away from carbonated beverages but I succumbed to the food court lack of choices and had Chick Fil A Friday night. Just nuggets, no fries or anything, but I was very disappointed with myself. With all the msg in Chinese Food I tried to tell myself that the fried chicken might be a little better for me but it still wasn’t the right decision. We also had some delicious homemade cookies brought to us as a “welcome to the neighborhood” gift and I’ve never been good at only eating one. I also didn’t increase my water intake as much as I wanted. I probably drank one extra glass a day but that’s it.

So this week, the cookies are gone and I am going to make sure to not put myself in a position near Chick Fil A again. I will continue to walk and will keep working on drinking more water. I liked Natalie’s goal for the week which was to eat your meals on a smaller plate. We have huge dinner plates and I definitely think eating on the small salad plates will help me control my portions.

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    August 24, 2009 at 3:04 pm

    Don’t get so down on yourself….rejoice in the fact that those clothes fit, my friend!

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