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Houston, We have a problem!

We’re in trouble. Jason and I, I mean. We’re in serious trouble.

This morning Charlotte woke up at 5 and so Jason went to put her passy in so she’d go back to sleep. She doesn’t sleep at night with her passy because she tends to be an un-happy camper when she spits it out in the middle of the night, but in order to get her back to sleep until a decent hour he put it in. So then she started crying again around 6:30. Being sick and super exhausted I tried to wait her out since her cries were very small and not frantic at all. But around 6:45 they turned a little more frantic so I got up to go in there. Jason walked in with me and that’s when we knew that we were in trouble. I wish I had had my camera so that you could see the predicament that we’re in but since I didn’t my description will have to suffice.

Charlotte had her passy in! And when we walked in she quit crying and started smiling…all WITH her passy IN! Uh oh! It appears that she has learned that when she cries we come. So she didn’t even sacrifice her comfort of spitting out her passy to call to us. I think it’s not a good thing that she’s learned how to play us in oh…12 weeks!

So now I’m in a predicament. I’ve done a modified Babywise approach for the most part. We used to let her cry herself to sleep until she just started going to sleep no crying. I also used to let her cry herself to sleep for naps only now she just goes to sleep for naps without crying. So there isn’t a whole lot of crying going on in our house most of the time before naps or bedtime. Our biggest problem is about an hour into naptime. At that point Charlotte wakes up and starts crying, hysterically. Babywise tells you to let them cry unless it’s high pitched and frantic and so I let her go for a little while but it usually turns high pitched and frantic. So I go in and she smiles at me. Nothing’s the matter, she’s just awake. So I’ll figure she just sleeps for an hour and I’ll pick her up and try and entertain her only (most times) to have her fall asleep!

I talked to our pediatrician about this schedule because it definitely goes against the Babywise eat, play, sleep schedule and he wasn’t worried. He said her waking up again before eating wasn’t a problem. But since she falls back asleep somewhere other than her crib I’m thinking that I’m just not letting her cry it out long enough to go back to sleep in her crib. But when I go in there she is so wide awake that I hate to leave her in there. Thus, my predicament. She’s obviously learned that when she cries I come, but should I leave her crying in her crib when she’s awake just so that she sleeps the remainder of the feeding cycle? I’m afraid that would have her sleeping too much!

So, I’m curious and going to ask for some feedback from some of you momma’s who have little one’s or remember the sleeping patterns of your children when they were little. How much does a two month (almost three month) old sleep? I know that every child will differ, but if she’s supposed to still be taking two hour naps each feeding cycle I’ll let her cry it out. But if four one hour naps (approximately) are plenty or too much sleep I’ll work harder (next week after the move!) to keep her awake. Any ideas? Suggestions? Advice? Encouragement? I’d appreciate any and all feedback! I don’t want her to get used to us picking her up every time she cries because I know she needs to soothe herself back to sleep but when is it appropriate to pick her up and when should I let her cry it out? Thanks in advance!

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    August 7, 2009 at 10:48 pm

    Mine would both sleep about 1 1/2 – 2 hours after each feeding. You might want to try going in once her cry becomes frantic and pick her up and settle her down (in her room) and then put her back down. She probably won’t like it, but if you keep doing it she will eventually get the message that she’s supposed to be sleeping or at least happy in her crib. They still need a lot of sleep at that age. But, like you said, they are all different and require different amounts of sleep. It’s not easy figuring it out! You are doing great, so mostly, don’t worry!

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    August 8, 2009 at 8:04 pm

    Jenn! That is exactly what Dalton did. He would only sleep an hour at a time and go down for three to four naps a day. It obviously worked for him though. He now only takes 1 two hour nap or 2 one hour naps a day, but he goes to bed at 7:30 and doesn’t wake up until 8:00 the next morning! So I say let her sleep like she wants and do not worry so much. It sounds like she is perfect! Miss you!

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    S Club Mama
    August 11, 2009 at 6:28 pm

    Oh dear, let me first say that with any parenting book (Baby Wise, What to Expect, etc) do not take it as a bible. It’s a generalized book made for mass production, not necessarily to your child. I know too often I take things too concretely when I read things like that.
    My first son slept about 4 hours at night by 2 months old, if memory serves me. During the day, however, he ate every 2 hours consistently.

    There is NOTHING wrong with picking up your baby when she cries. She’s only 2 (almost 3) months old. Our pediatrician (and I think What to Expect but don’t quote me there) said to pick up our son when he cried when he was that small. We didn’t start letting him cry himself to sleep until he was about 4 or 5 months old. Personally, I think a 2 month old is way too little to be crying herself (or himself) to sleep, but that’s my personal point of view.

    You need to do what’s best for you and your baby. But definitely talk to your pediatrician about this; they have great insight into what you should or shouldn’t be doing.

    And the one thing that babies know is how much sleep they need; let her sleep if she’s sleepy and let her be awake when she’s awake. She’ll eventually start making her own routine and pattern of naps and awake time. It just takes time.

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