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Three Months!

Three months. One fourth of a year. Where has my little newborn gone?!?! Three months ago Charlotte would barely open her eyes, slept all the time, and couldn’t hold her head up. Now, she’s a wide eyed little girl who loves to play and is getting close to rolling over and loves to sit up in our laps. I do apologize up front for the number of pictures and the length of this post! But hey, I am a momma so I have to do posts like this, right?!?!

Here is her picture from her 3 month birthday. Too bad we can’t find her bear in her boxes! We’re going to go on a bear hunt today and hopefully take some more pictures with her and her bear before the week is out!

Charlotte, this month you went out a lot. We strolled with Memma and with Daddy. We went shopping. We went to lunch and dinner. And you always loved it. You have never once minded being in your stroller and that is such a blessing to us! Last night we took you shopping for hours and you didn’t make one peep. Sometimes you would open your eyes to look around and look at us and sometimes you slept. I can tell that we’re going to have many, many fun shopping outings ahead of us!

Charlotte, you are a great sleeper and you wake up so happy! You are sleeping between 8 and 10 hours in a night and your Daddy and I think that’s just wonderful! We love putting you to bed at night after you eat. We put on a nightgown and swaddle you up tight (you still can’t sleep without being swaddled) and kiss your forehead and lay you down. You are still wide awake when we put you in your crib and yet you just chatter to yourself for a little while and then go to sleep. You are sleeping in your crib after about a week in our closet due to the move, not getting your crib put up, and a monitor that wouldn’t reach from your room to ours. Now we’ve got all of that straightened out and you’re back in your crib and you never acted like there was a difference at all. One of the best parts is seeing your smiling face when we go to wake you up or get you up in the morning. You daddy told me this morning that it would be hard to be mad at anything in the world when we see your smiling face in the morning.

You went to church for the first time this month. We still haven’t made it to big church or left you in the nursery but you’ve been to Sunday School with us twice. During Sunday School you’ve been content to look around you and sleep which has been really nice. I’m not sure when we’re going to get up the courage to leave you in the nursery but maybe soon!

Charlotte, this month you had your first non-family babysitters (although the Dixon’s are basically family). Kelly, Tripp, and Caroline kept you while we went to Mac and Ruth’s wedding and as far as they told us you did great. I am so thankful that Caroline is so close in age to you so that y’all can be friends while you are growing up. It will also be nice when we take trips together since y’all will each have a built in playmate!

You are very close to rolling over. You can get perpendicular but can’t get over your shoulder yet. I would bet that by next month you’ll be rolling around all over the place!

You really discovered your hands this month. You love sticking your thumb and fingers in your mouth. One day last week I saw you and you had three fingers AND your paci in your mouth! 🙂 You love putting your hands together and staring at them. You are learning to grab the items on you activity gym and not just bat them with your fist.

You love not only your hands but your small blankies and rattles. You will bring them up to your mouth and suck on them also! It’s so sweet when you fall asleep with one on your cheek or under your chin.

You are great with your neck control! You lift your head up while you are on your tummy and you don’t really bobble it anymore when we hold you. You also love standing up in our laps while we hold you! If we put you down with your feet on our laps you will push up until you’re standing. Then, you’ll just look all around you! If you’re on your activity gym on the couch with your feet against the back cushions you’ll also push against them! That’s why we put you with your feet facing out! Those little legs are strong! You love “running” while you’re on your back also!

Charlotte, you are mesmerized by the tv! You love watching the Braves with your Daddy and even like watching golf! It doesn’t keep your attention for very long, but you do love watching it and would rather be turned towards it than away from it when we’re holding you with it on.

You also love watching Luca! You’ve started to notice him and can just sit and stare at him. He hasn’t noticed you noticing him yet which is good because I’m sure he would just try and lick you all over the place, but you love watching him!

Charlotte, you are all smiles these days! You love smiling at us and really at anyone that will pay you attention. You gurgle and coo and act like you’re trying to laugh at us. I love watching your face turn into one big smile. Those toothy grins make my day! You also will wake from sleep and turn your head towards us with a big grin if you hear us talking. That makes us feel so special! You also LOVE getting your diaper changed and grin up at us the whole time and squeal in delight. I find it so funny that you love that so much but you do! I hope that continues since now that you’re a lot squirmier diaper changes are getting more difficult!

The other thing that cracks me up is when you furrow your forehead and eyebrows when you’re mad or upset. You just look so cute! When you are screaming because your tummy hurts and you’re doing it it’s not so fun but when you are just aggravated because we put you down or something then it’s cute!

I’m hoping to have a weight for you when we take you to your 3 month pictures next week but based on my estimate with our digital scale you are weighing 11 pounds! You are still in size one diapers and they’re still pretty roomy on you. I don’t anticipate moving up anytime soon. You are in 3 month clothes exactly. Unless a 6 month is really small you can’t wear it but you’ve outgrown anything smaller than a 3 month size.

You are the best baby ever Charlotte and your Daddy and I are so blessed to be your parents. You make every day a new adventure. Although we wish time would slow down and you would stay little forever we are looking forward to watching you grow each day!

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    The Mills
    August 24, 2009 at 2:03 am

    I loved the quick trip down memeory lane!!! She is getting so big, so quick. When you have a moment, go read the latest funny from Grace. I think it will make you laugh!

  2. Reply
    August 24, 2009 at 3:22 pm

    She’s really starting to develop a personality…a really cute one, too! So excited that football season is almost here. Can’t wait to meet her!

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