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Holiday Slim Down and Halloween Cards

Well, I’ve kind of been hiding from the Holiday Slim Down. The 30 Day Shred brought back an old injury to my elbow and so I put the kibosh on that for a week or two to try and heal if before restarting a modified version. And it’s pretty much rained every day for the last two weeks so we haven’t really gotten to walk. However, to my surprise, when I got on the scale this morning I was down two pounds! I have been trying to eat healthier overall with more fruits and veggies and I guess that and a small increase in stress level has helped. Yay! But tomorrow I restart the modified Shred and hopefully that will jump start everything even more.

We enjoyed a delightful weekend at home this weekend. Thankfully, Bama pulled out a pretty stunning game (minus the first quarter which I am attributing almost exclusively to wind) and we got to enjoy it and then have a send off party for my cousin who is about to leave for two years on a mission trip to Brazil. Talk about brave! I am so proud to be related to her! I had a hard enough time leaving to go work in Washington for four weeks after my sophomore year in college, I could never leave for two years! When she gets her blog up and running I’ll make sure and share it so that y’all can pray for her trip with us.

Today I dressed Charlotte in her Halloween onesie and took pictures for the Halloween card. What, you don’t send out Halloween cards?!?! And you think I’m crazy because I’m going to?!? 🙂 I’m guessing that you might not have had your first child in the age where making online digital photo cards at places like Shutterfly is so easy! Anyway, here are a few of our outtakes. Once I get the actual cards in I’ll show you the finished product. Took literally 5 minutes and Jason’s picking them up at Target on his way home! I love my treat bag! Too bad I’m falling in to it!
I wish I could lift this!

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