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Rocky Block

Rocky Block. Kind of like Rocky Stop from a few years ago but much more important. Thanks to Terrance Cody we had a weekend that was exciting and suspenseful instead of one that was regretful and disappointing. Well, at least in regards to football.

This weekend turned into a very crazy one. My cousins were supposed to come down to the game but due to one of their best friends coming down with H1N1 and our pediatrician saying that the window for her to come down with it was until Saturday night they weren’t able to come so that she wouldn’t possibly infect Charlotte or anyone else. It was very sad and put a damper on the weekend. Swine flu, we do hate you! I will feel soooo much better about the flu next month once Charlotte is able to get her flu shots. Not that I will quit being cautious but I will be less fearful of her picking it up in random places.

But, that’s a totally different story. We ended up having a much less exciting weekend since our cousins weren’t there. But it was fun because Charlotte lasted almost all the way through the game! She probably could have made the whole game if we hadn’t been worried about not getting her off schedule to get her home to feed her. She had already had one bottle during the game and a second one probably wouldn’t have gone over too good since I was the one giving her the bottle. When I give her a bottle she just kind of looks at me like, “What is going on here?? This isn’t right!” 🙂 So we made it home in time to watch Mount Cody dash the hopes of Tennessee nation. Sorry Papa, but we are so glad that Cody was there!

In the pictures before the game Charlotte never looked at the camera. This was the best one. Thankfully it was warmer this weekend and she just had to wear her pea coat before the game when we were outside. I put her little tights on her though that look like they have Mary Jane’s on them so that she couldn’t kick her socks off. She was not a fan! Through most of the game she was pulling at her toes wondering why her socks weren’t coming off like usual!

We (I) am so glad to have an off week this week! A weekend at home to do all of the things that I need to do will be priceless. And I finished Charlotte’s Halloween costume yesterday (check out the picture on my Twitter page) so we’re ready to go for this weekend!

Sorry for the random post! I just reread it and I’m a little bit of everywhere in it. Have a good week!

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    Mrs. Jones
    October 26, 2009 at 3:57 pm

    Such a cute picture! We ran into your family after the game! And it is definitely time for an off weekend! I need a break!

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