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We’re Going to The Grove! Part 1

This weekend we traveled to Oxford, Mississippi with The Dixon’s, my parents, and my brother. This makes the third year that we’ve gotten together with the Dixon’s for the Ole Miss/Alabama game and this year was, I’d say, the best so far. Maybe it was because we had two adorable little girls to help us celebrate or that we had so much family in town, I don’t know, but despite the rain and cold we had a really great time!

We left early Friday morning because the guys were going to play golf in the afternoon. That turned out to be such a blessing because we got to drive almost the entire way without rain. We heard that some areas that we drove through even had tornado’s later Friday afternoon. The rain did start coming down not long after we arrived in town though so the guys golf outing was cancelled but that allowed us to have an afternoon together and gave Kelly and I some reinforcements so that we could leave to get groceries for The Grove.

Tripp has a cousin who rents out her house in Oxford for game weekends and we were lucky enough to get the house this weekend. It was a dream come true! With two little girls it was so nice to not have to have them holed up in a hotel room all weekend. We got to hang out as a large group and Caroline got to run around and have fun throughout the house. It also allowed us to do all the prep work for The Grove and gave us the ability to eat at home each night instead of battling the crowds with two children.

On Saturday it was a cold and was raining off and on but we battled some traffic (and a very stubborn person in an Escalade that almost gave all of us blood pressure problems!) and made it to The Grove in one piece. And that’s where my pictures start!

Charlotte got to use her new stroller for the first time and it did really great. I should have put her in it and gotten the straps the correct length before we put her in it to get from the car to The Grove but it still worked fine. She was a little overwhelmed with all of the people but didn’t cry once. She just looked around the whole time and took everything in!
Wearing our team colors! I am so lucky to have such a great friend who makes planning and executing something like this so much fun!

Charlotte was so happy to get to get out of her stroller so that she could people watch while Memma held her. You can notice here that she’s still watching the people even though we’re trying to take a picture. She’ll learn to smile for the camera soon enough!

Family picture!

I didn’t plan to have both of us wear polka dots….it just happened that way!

Charlotte and Memma

The couples behind Kelly’s beautiful centerpiece!

I had trouble uploading pictures in blogger so I had to split this into two posts. More pictures and all the info about our tent in the next post!

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    Tripp and Kelly Dixon
    October 12, 2009 at 2:47 am

    I love the pictures! Thanks for such a fun game weekend! I cannot wait until 2011 when we get to do it again!

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