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If you know me in real life you probably know that I’m a huge book work.  Books are my favorite pasttime and I can go through a good one in a matter of hours!  I saw on Mrs. Jones’ blog last week some of her book reviews and I thought it would be a good idea to share some of what I’ve been reading recently in case you’re in need of a good book fix.  Enjoy!

The Help by Kathryn Stockett
Kelly gave me this book for Christmas but I had read about it recently on another blog.  It is neat for me because the author is from Jackson, Mississippi (where Kelly’s from) and she graduated from The University of Alabama.  This is a great book set in Jackson in 1962 about a group of maids and a white woman who helps them write a book about their experiences.

I Heart Bloomberg by Melody Carlson
I love Christian fiction and after seeing the fourth book in this series (86 Bloomberg Place) at a local bookstore I decided to track down the beginning of the series.  I have finished this book (the first one) and can’t wait to read the others in the series.  Melody Carlson is a go-to author for me and this book didn’t disappoint.  It’s full of likeable characters and realistic storylines.  This series focuses on four women in their early twenties who move in together.

Black, Red, White, Green by Ted Dekker (four different books)
These books are not my typical type of read but I greatly enjoyed them.  A friend in Sunday School recommended them to me and so I started with Black.  These are science fiction and are pretty out there but if you can suspend your common sense you can really enjoy them.  Green was recently published and it’s supposed to be billed as either book 0 in the series or book 4.  I read them in the way they were published (the way written above) and I would recommend going that route also.  I don’t think the series would be as exciting if you read Green first, but that’s just my opinion.

Take One, Take Two by Karen Kingsbury (two different books)
It wouldn’t really be a list of my most favorite books without including a Karen Kingsbury book in the mix.  Some people don’t like reading her books because a lot of times they have something sad happen in them, but that’s never bothered me since they always end on a positive note and reinforce a lot of my Christian beliefs.  This series is one that she’s currently writing and I think another book comes out this spring.  It focuses more on younger characters that are about my age which really helps me enjoy the book.  I would recommend anything by Karen Kingsbury as Christian fiction at it’s best.

The Wednesday Sisters by Meg Waite Clayton
I picked this up at Target a few weeks ago and I really enjoyed reading it.  It is fiction about a group of friends in California.  The book starts in the 70’s (I think?) and ends in present day so the characters are a lot older than me but I think the stories of friendship belong to all age groups. 

I could go on and on and keep listing books and I’ll try and do this every once in a while but these are just a few that I’ve read recently.  I do read things other than Christian fiction but it is not very often.  I sometimes pick up books in Target and those won’t be Christian fiction.  I prefer to stick with stories that are similar to my life (The Ted Dekker books notwithstanding).  And just to let you know I recently downloaded the Kindle app for my iPhone.  That’s what I’m reading the 86 Bloomberg Place series on.  I was very cynical about the app and thought that I would hate it but it really is so convienent and nice.  I won’t switch to it exclusively because I do love the feel of a book in my hands and getting to put it on my shelf once I’m finished with it but it’s nice to have the option to just have the book electronically. 

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