Cooking Through The Pioneer Woman’s Cookbook

I made some progress these last two weeks! I made some REALLY great recipes too!

So, I made them.  I was so scared because they look SO hard but I bit the bullet and gave them a try because I know that if there is one breakfast food that my husband loves it’s cinnamon rolls.  They actually weren’t that HARD just very time consuming.  But they were so worth it!  And the recipe makes tons of cinnamon rolls! I was able to give a lot of people in our family that we saw over Easter pans and we still have two pans in the freezer.  So good but definitely something I’ll only make for special occasions just because of the time involved.  It took me two two hour nap times to make them from start to finish.  But, can I say again, so good!
I made these potatoes when the Dixon’s came over to watch the final round of the Master’s.  They were really good potatoes and I enjoyed reheating leftovers for lunch on Monday.  My new, huge food processor that Jason got me for Christmas made slicing the potatoes easy peasy and with that done the rest of the recipe was a piece of cake.  I will definitely make these again since Jason has already requested some more!  The recipe link goes to her Herbed Potatoes recipe which is the same recipe as the Rosemary Potatoes only the herbs that you use are Rosemary and Green Onions.
Angel Sugar Cookies
I had big plans to cut out these cookies with my new golf bag cookie cutter and decorate them in green and yellow icing in honor of the Masters, but time got away from me and simple circle/squares had to do.  These cookies are really good, but, to be honest, the batter is probably better than the cookie!  And her recipe in her cookbook says that the recipe makes 18 cookies but I probably made closer to 50 so I’m not sure if my cookies were just really small compared to hers or what but my batter went a lot farther than hers did.  I got my cookies out using my medium scoop from Pampered Chef so maybe that’s why mine were smaller.  Couldn’t find the recipe online so email me if you’d like it!

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    April 20, 2010 at 7:17 pm

    I made the rosemary potatoes and they were delicious!

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