Final Round of the Masters

When we moved to our city a few years ago we were really praying for couple friends.  We both had friends from high school and college but not really any who were married and both of us were friends with both of the other couple.  We joined a Sunday School class and found some couple friends in Kelly and Tripp.  We are so blessed to have them as our friends because we all get along so well.  We laugh because it seems like Tripp and I are very similar and Kelly and Jason are very similar and so I guess that explains why we all complement each other so well.

Anyway, when we met Jason was ecstatic to learn that Tripp enjoyed golf as much as he did.  They have been golfing buddies ever since.  And when we were lucky enough to get practice round tickets the first spring after we had met them we knew we would ask Kelly and Tripp to join us.  We had a blast and Kelly was the biggest trooper in the world since she was weeks away from giving birth and didn’t complain once about walking all over Augusta! We had so much fun!

So, that was a long tangent but that was all to say that since then we haven’t been lucky enough to win practice round tickets again although we try every year, but we try to get together and watch some of the tournament if we can.  This year we got together to watch the end of the final round.  It was different with two little ones — the boys had to fast forward through some of the holes because they had Daddy duty — but we had so much fun watching the tournament and eating dinner.  We only took pictures of the girls once but we got some cute ones.  I’m hoping Kelly got one of both girls actually smiling AND looking at her!
These two are so cute together! Kelly told me that she asked Caroline who her favorite person was and the first person was, rightfully so, Kelly, but the second person was “Char-lick”.  I hope that they grow up to be good friends! It is amazing looking at them now to believe that they’re just 364 days apart.  I’m sure this time next year they’ll look closer to the same age as opposed to looking years apart like they do right now!

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    April 13, 2010 at 12:19 am

    We had a great time last night. Thank you for making such a delicious dinner! (And for posting a preggo picture of me!)

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