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Garden with Friends

On Saturday morning Jason and Tripp played golf so Kelly and I  made plans for a girls morning taking the girls to a nearby garden.  There was a treehouse exhibit that we wanted to see so we made the plan and took the girls.  It was a beautiful day — not too hot and not too cold — which made our morning even more fun.  We enjoyed strolling the girls around to look at the treehouses and Caroline had fun playing in a lot of them.  It was a wonderful way to spend a morning!

The girls in front of their monkey
Charlotte loved watching Caroline play!
This treehouse had a wheelchair swing which we thought was neat.
Already BFF’s.
Our favorite (my favorite) treehouse was the Wizard of Oz treehouse.  The Wicked Witch’s legs were under the house and there were flying monkey’s in the trees.  So much fun!

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