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It’s so nice outside….

If you follow me on Twitter you saw on Friday that we got new patio furniture.  We decided to go ahead and get some nice furniture since we found a really really great sale at the beginning of March.  We were super excited and couldn’t wait for our furniture to come in.  Don’t you hate it that most fun, furniture-type purchases you have to wait a long time for after you  make the purchase.  Frustrating!  But, Friday was the day that our new furniture was coming in so we were excited.  And you wouldn’t believe how much we’ve already enjoyed this new furniture.  It has comfy pillows instead of just plain metal and a chair that rocks….it’s lovely! And the weather has been just perfect for enjoying it (other than the yellow layer of pollen that was covering all of my wonderful new furniture about, oh 5 minutes, after it was delivered!). 

Friday after Jason got home I took some pictures of he and Charlotte on the new couch…

Look at that face.  What’s she so excited about?!?!
Luca’s coming!!
And Luca is probably enjoying the new furniture the most.  He loves having a new, comfy nap spot!

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    April 12, 2010 at 3:35 pm

    The new furniture is so pretty…and just in time for this gorgeous weather!

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