Pre-Easter Dinner

On Saturday my Mom’s family got together at one of my aunt’s houses to enjoy some pre-Easter festivities.  We had such a great time! Charlotte was a perfect angel and just played and had fun with everyone all night.  Her teeth had been hurting her most of the day though which is why her fingers are in her mouth for most of the pictures.  But even with that, she was still great.  We loved seeing everyone and getting to spend some time fellowshipping and being thankful for Jesus’ sacrifice.  We did miss my cousin Anna though! She’s currently on a missionary stint in Brazil and will be gone for another year and a half.

Papa, Mom, and Charlotte
Charlotte loved Aunt Cathy and Uncle Joe’s blocks! Looks like that’s going on the birthday list!
Playing with cousin Abby who is sooo grown up and looked beautiful in her new dress.  I remember when Abby was Charlotte’s age! 
Charlotte loved playing with Sam.  Since Charlotte loves knocking down towers, later in the evening Sam built a beautiful, extravagant tower for her to knock down which even had her name spelled in it! I was too late with the camera to get a picture before she had knocked it down though!
Hanging with Uncle Charlie
Papa G decided a close up was in order!
With Papa and Uncle Joe
Charlotte loves Gramme!
Since the boys shot down my initial request for a cousin picture we took some all girl pictures outside! I love this picture! Charlotte is even smiling! Ok, she was cracking up at the silly things her aunts and Memma were doing behind the camera.  Whatever works!
Four generations!
Mom, her sisters, and Gramme
Charlotte loved seeing cousin Mary!
And cousin Lauren!
We finally were able to squeeze a cousin picture in between the end of the game and Charlotte’s mini meltdown request for us to get home and put her to bed!
Thanks Cathy, Joe, Mary, and Lauren for hosting us! We enjoyed our evening so much!

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