Quack! Quack!

We’ve had quite a week this week!

Charlotte has really mastered clapping and is LOVING being able to clap.  She is so cute just clapping away! This morning I looked on her at 7:30 (30 minutes before she’s supposed to be up) and she was sitting in her crib clapping.  I’m not sure what she did that she thought was so funny but she was so cute!

AND this week Memma taught Charlotte what the duck says!  Now when you ask her what the duck says she says, “Quack! Quack! Quack!”  She’s not great at quacking in front of other people but she quacks ALL THE TIME around here!  Yesterday she was quacking instead of going to sleep for her nap. 

And here are some cute pictures Jason took last night of Charlotte with her crazy hair after her bath.

Charlotte is also getting a little more steady on her feet.  She has started walking with her walker all over the house.  She just walks in circles around the stairs.  She is pretty fearless and even when it gets ahead of her a little and she falls she don’t get upset and just gets back up and keeps walking.  Her steering is a little iffy and she gets upset when she runs into something and can’t get back on track.  But it’s so cute watching her wobble on her feet!  We’ll see if she’s close to to walking soon or not.

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