Right now I have about a million things buzzing around my head and I’m not sure how to form them into one coherant post.  Therefore, I will go the lazy route and put them into list form.  Excuse my lack of blogger creativity.

1. Charlotte is slowly getting better and I am so glad.  Her ear stopped hurting her for the most part on Sunday and we haven’t had to give her the ear-numbing drops since then.  Her cold has finally abated some today which I’m so thankful for also.  A child who doesn’t know how to blow their nose and pitches the grandest fit imaginable when you try and suction their nose but who can’t breathe out of their nose is no fun at all.  We’ve just been hanging out at home the past few days playing.
Checking out Daddy’s flight simulator game
And pulling her bugs out of her bug jar
2. I am in a frenzy with all that we have going on right now.  I’m hosting a gathering at our house TWO WEEKS from today and they are expecting around 150 people! We have a lovely home and I don’t mind sharing it for such a worthy event but I’m kind of going crazy now trying to get it “show worthy” at least in my mind.  I know that our house is beautiful and is fine just how it is, but you know, I would love for it to be perfect for all these people.  So I’m trying to add odds and ends here and there to make it feel more “put together” — at least in my mind.  Thankfully the ladies organizing the event are basically only letting me get the house clean and I don’t have to worry about anything else so that is such a blessing!
3. In addition to this event in TWO WEEKS at our house we are also smack dab in the middle of re-doing our master bedroom.  I have some wonderful posts to share with you about this because we worked with one of my favorite people to get a design and now are implementing it but I’m going to wait to show you that until we are mostly finished.  But as for now the painters are coming on Thursday and we’re trying to move things out of the way for them even as we keep getting new pieces for our room delivered.  Because of this we currently have a huge floor mirror still in its box leaning up against the wall in the dining room.  This craziness is only adding to my stress about the event in two weeks!
4. I’m also in denial that I’m about to have a one year old.  How did my baby gets so big?!?! I’ll have her 11 month post up on Thursday, her monthly birthday, but right now I’m trying to finish implementing her birthday party.  I made all of these plans and came up with general ideas back in February but I realized the other day that I’m at the point where I need to start executing those ideas!  I did get the invitations in the other day and I LOVE them.  I can’t wait to show you all about her party! Hopefully it will turn out as cute in real life as it is in my head.
5. Since it’s almost May I’m finalizing the details for
I am really excited about the products that I have lined up to show you so be ready.  I’ll have the first giveaway up next Saturday, May 1st! Yay!
I hope you’re having a good week and it is less random than mine has been! 

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