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Birthday Party Planning – The Final Product!

Welcome to our house! Happy Birthday Charlotte!
I made the banner with fabric’s from Hobby Lobby. The font for the letters was the Gentle Redhead font from Kevin and Amanda’s free fonts.
Grab a plate and fix some yummy food!
I made the paper flowers using this tutorial.  The tissue paper was from Nashville Wraps (I got three flowers out of each 24 pack of paper), the plates were springtime specials from Publix, and I had the food catered and these flowers brought in because I couldn’t do it all!
And check out the cakes!
Both were made by a local bakery.  I took them the invitation and they created these based on that. I loved the way they turned out and they were delicious!
Once you have your food, come into the kitchen and fix a drink!
The monogrammed glasses are from American Stationery and were the 10 oz frosted selection.  The Cherry Lemonade Punch was a variation of Kelly Stamps’ Cherry Limeade Punch only substituting lemonade concentrate and lemons instead of the limeade concentrate and limes.
You can sit down at the kitchen table to eat and look at Charlotte’s month-by-month banner while you’re there!
I made the banner using one package of cardstock glitter paper from Hobby Lobby, gold brads, printed pictures from MPix, and lots of Creative Memories gadgets leftover from when I made real scrapbooks in high school.
Charlotte needed lots of fun things to eat with too!
The hat and bib are from Blooming Babies Boutique and the plate is from PaperDoll Designs.  They were all custom made from my requests.
The kids had a table all set up and ready for them to eat and decorate paper and visors with foam stickers!
All crafts were from Hobby Lobby.  The table and chairs was one of Charlotte’s birthday presents and it’s from The Land of Nod as are the washable plastic placemats that are on the table.
You can go into the den to eat also and see Charlotte’s presents!
I decorated with the elephants that we had at our house and I had been searching for an elephant bank for a while also and I found one at Three Sheets in Homewood.  I made these floral arrangements by putting a cup in the middle of the container and filling around it with colored balls from the wedding section at Hobby Lobby.
Before you leave make sure you sign Charlotte’s Dr. Seuss Happy Birthday To You Book and pick up a favor!
My goal is to have a birthday book signed by guests at Charlotte’s birthday parties for at least the next few years until she gets “too cool” for it.  The favors were packaged in takeout containers from Nashville Wraps.  The little kids got finger puppets made especially for this party from Sweet Melly Jane, elephant whistles from Hey Yo Yo, and sunglasses from Hobby Lobby.  The families got an elephant cookie cutter and homemade elephant cookies.  I used the recipe and instructions from Cookie Craft to make and ice the cookies.  I got the bags for the cookies from Nashville Wraps and I made the paper toppers.
And here’s the birthday girl herself!
This outfit was custom made for Charlotte by LiviStitches.

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    May 27, 2010 at 10:37 pm

    Jennifer the party was beautiful!

  2. Reply
    June 3, 2010 at 8:08 pm

    Oh my goodness! Every detail was thought of. I love the monogrammed glasses, cookies, drinks area, decor, the flowers, her outfit.. everything. You did such an amazing job! Thanks for posting pictures for inspiration!

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    June 4, 2012 at 9:20 am

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