Charlotte’s Birthday Party

I absolutely loved planning each detail of Charlotte’s party.  I went with a pink elephant theme and couldn’t have been happier with the way it turned out.  I’m going to do some posts later about the decorations, etc and where I got everything so this post is just going to be able the important part of the party — the people.
We were blessed to have most of our families and close friends come to Charlotte’s party.  We held it at 12:30 so that Charlotte would be fresh from her nap and we would hopefully get a couple hours of good behavior out of her before it was nap time again.  I was glad that we scheduled it when we did because she did great and by the time the party was over she was definitely ready for bed again.

Kay Kay, Moma Dean, Granddaddy and Grandmother
Jenni helping Caroline, Shelby, and Kate eat and decorate their visors.  And Abby helped too!
Caroline was worried because Luca wasn’t in his room so she, Kate, and Mr. Tripp went to our bathroom to find him.
Jason, KayKay, Charlotte, GrandDavid, and Grandmother
Mommy, Charlotte, and Miss Kelly
Mommy and Charlotte
I never got one of all four girls looking at the camera but I thought this one was cute with all of their versions of a smile!
Shelby loved Abby! Abby was so sweet to help the little girls with their craft projects!
After everyone had eaten lunch we did cake! Charlotte was more timid than I anticipated but she did enjoy the icing.  Her favorite thing though was a cup since I had just let her have some cherry lemonade out of mine!

She didn’t know what to think when everyone started singing to her
First bite….really unsure
She concentrated really hard and watched everyone else get really excited for her to try some
But she did enjoy the icing!
And once she got her cup she was more than happy to tell us how old she is!
After her cake we cut the cake for everyone else and Charlotte loved having me feed her cake with a fork.  She couldn’t get enough of it that way! Apparently she just didn’t like getting her hands messy.
After cake Charlotte opened her presents!  She was given so many beautiful and fun presents.  Everyone was so sweet and generous!  Charlotte got a little tired and overwhelmed at the beginning of the presents but once we gave her her passy she cheered up and was able to enjoy them!
Caroline and Charlotte in Charlotte’s wagon with their super soakers.  Caroline is so sweet.  Apparently recently they’ve been out and Caroline has seen something and she’ll either want to buy one for Charlotte too or she’ll want one for her and a different one for Charlotte.  Kelly told me that Caroline saw these and immediately said, “Monkey Caroline, Duck Char-lick”.  So sweet!
Charlotte loves her new activity block.  I was so glad that she got down from my lap to play with this because that let everyone see her standing without holding on to anything for a little bit and crawling/walking around it.  I was glad that everyone got to see some of that! 
Charlotte has so enjoyed playing with her new toys this morning! She is going from one to another usually while holding a wooden block in one hand!
Overall it was a wonderful birthday party.  We are blessed to have so many people who care so much about us that they make time out of their busy schedule’s to celebrate with us.  Thank y’all so much! It meant so much to us to have you with us!  Charlotte is a very blessed little girl!

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