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Happy Birthday Kelly!

Today is my best friend, Kelly’s, 30th birthday.  In honor of her special day I thought I’d tell you 30 things about Kelly.

  1. She is a wonderful mother.  I couldn’t have survived the last two years (pregnancy and Charlotte’s first year) without Kelly’s advice and help.  Caroline is so lucky to have Kelly as a Mom.
  2. Kelly loves Ole Miss.  She spent six years of her life in Oxford and her blood runs blue and red.
  3. Kelly is superwoman.  Seriously.  She cooks AND cleans AND does the laundry AND takes care of Caroline AND leads a Bible Study for middle schoolers at church AND is on the Mission Council AND works part time AND is a great wife and friend.  She DOES IT ALL and does it all well!
  4. Kelly loves the beach.  She got back from a trip with her high school friends last night and has three more trips planned this summer.  I think she considered disowning me as a friend when she found out that I’m not really a “sand” kind of girl.  She got over it but I’m sure it still hurts her to think about.
  5. Kelly is the consummate hostess.  Her playgroups are like catered affairs with snacks for the kids as well as probably 10 different items for the adults and she bakes it all!  And if you need any further proof of her hostessing/decorating abilities check out our spread at the Grove last year for the Ole Miss/Alabama game!
  6. Kelly is smart! She is an amazing pharmacist and loves what she does!
  7. Kelly has great fashion sense! The cute clothes and shoes and jewelry and purses…. I have no words! She could make a garbage sack look put together!
  8. It cracks me up but Kelly is a reality tv junkie.  She’s not a fan of scripted shows but I bet she checks out every reality show that comes on at least once!
  9. Kelly is extremely thoughful.  Back in February when Charlotte was on her nursing strike and Luca was about to have surgery and everything felt like it was falling apart she took time one morning to bring me bagels and muffins and hot chocolate just to help brighten my day. 
  10. Kelly is athletic!  You (or at least I) find it hard to imagine that this blond haired, sorority girl was ever a vicious basketball player who fouled out of almost every game she played in but apparently she was!
  11. Kelly is passionate about her teams! I’ll never forget the first Ole Miss/Alabama game that we went to in Oxford.  Kelly was pregnant at the time (we didn’t know that though) and she stood up cheering and yelling the entire game in 4 inch heels! 
  12. Kelly is competitvie.  If you’re going to enter into a board game with her don’t do it lightly.  Be it Nerts or some type of Pictionary game that I can’t remember the name of or Puerto Rico if she’s playing she’s usually winning!
  13. Kelly loves pink.  I find it unusual when I see Caroline in something that isn’t pink.
  14. Kelly is a great cook.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s a last minute get together or if you’ve been planning it for weeks — if it’s at Kelly’s house the food is spectacular!
  15. Kelly has a great family.  Her parents and sister are so sweet and kind and generous.  We are so thankful and we’ve gotten to know them over the past few years.
  16. Kelly loves shopping….
  17. …but hates outlet shopping.  Weird, isn’t it?  I couldn’t believe it when we were at the beach last year and she wasn’t excited about the outlets.  It was kind of the same experience as #4 with me and sand only in reverse. 
  18. Technology stresses her out.  Thank goodness she has a computer scientist as a best friend! Haha!
  19. Kelly is a great planner without being OCD like me.  She knows how to plan but also knows when to not stress about the details.
  20. Kelly is pretty laid back.  From hearing her sister Lesley talk at Tripp’s birthday party Lesley might not agree but I love that Kelly can relax and have fun without worrying the details all the time.  She’s good at going with the flow when she needs to.  Or if shs’e really not laid back she sure can fool me!
  21. Kelly is a great decorator and has a beautiful home.  She decorates for each season and usually has a beautiful wreath on her door.  I always come home resolved to find a pretty wreath but can never find one that seems as pretty as hers!
  22. Kelly loves purses.  She gets a new one at least yearly and they are always so cute and trendy!
  23. Kelly loves God and His love shines through her.  She is kind to everyone and always demonstrates God’s love for others.
  24. Kelly is great at keeping in touch.  Case in point, she just went on a beach trip with a bunch of high school friends! I definitely don’t do that!
  25. I have always been so impressed at Kelly’s knack for social graces.  She always knows the right thing to say and is the best at getting out thank you notes as soon as something happens.  I always feel bad when I get one from her a day after something and I still haven’t written one from a month ago!
  26. Kelly loves Mississippi.  She might live in Alabama now but she will always be a Mississippi girl at heart.
  27. Kelly is willing to try new things.  Like snow skiing.  Even though she’s never been and she loves the beach she’s willing to give it a try next winter. 
  28. Kelly is a great gift giver.  She always finds something that is perfect for who she’s giving it to and she doesn’t even need help or ideas!
  29. Kelly is a wonderful friend.  She is all of these things listed and so many more that make her a wonderful, wonderful woman and friend.
  30. Kelly is 30 today! Please go wish her a happy birthday!

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  1. Reply
    May 10, 2010 at 1:29 am

    Thank you so much for my birthday post! You are so sweet and thoughtful! Tripp said he did not even know 30 things about me that he would post! Maybe he will learn something about me!!!

  2. Reply
    May 10, 2010 at 2:11 am

    Kelly is so blessed to have you for a friend!

    Happy Birthday, Kelly!

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