Mother’s Day

I had a really great Mother’s Day.  Since this was my first Mother’s Day being able to hold Charlotte in my arms it was especially meaningful.  Last year Jason was so sweet to celebrate my Mother’s Day with two beautiful gifts but it was extra special to have Charlotte here with us this year.  I did still get an awesome gift….an iPad! And let me tell you, I LOVE IT!  I thought I loved my iPhone (and I do!) but the iPad is so nice to use around the house!

We went to Birmingham last Saturday night for a friend’s wedding shower (hey Lindsay!) and didn’t get back until late.  Charlotte spent the night with Mom and Dad so we went and got her Sunday morning and enjoyed a relaxing morning and afternoon.  That night we went over to my parents and grilled out with them.  It was nice having everyone together and Charlotte got her first birthday present from Uncle Charlie!  As a sidenote, I won’t take this many pictures per present next weekend but since this was the first I had at it!

Enjoying Aunt Carrie’s old high chair!
Our child had no fear of standing on the edge of the counter to get in to her present!
Wow! A drum and musical set!
She loves the “C” tamborine and all of her instruments!
In other news this week since I’ve been such a slacker blogger, Charlotte has had lots of accomplishments.  We’ve added another animal to our sound repitoire (duck, fish, cow, and lamb).  She cut another tooth on her bottom gum (to the right of her middle teeth).  She STILL doesn’t have top teeth but they look so painful they are trying their hardest to poke through! She has seen pictures of ducks in books and on the wall this week and has started quacking at them.  And she knows where her nose is!
We are busy (as in I really shouldn’t be blogging but it was either take a break or go crazy!) bee’s getting ready for her party next weekend.  I’m so excited about it! I know that Charlotte won’t remember it but I will and I hope that one day she’ll look back on the pictures and see how much fun we had celebrating her and will know that we love her!

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