My Little Gymnast

Charlotte has been attending gym class once a week since she turned 10 months old (that’s when you can enter this class). She loooooves gym! Even though she’s the youngest in the class by a few months and the only one not walking she never let that slow her down.  She would crawl all over the play by herself, not even caring if I was following her or not. 

Her teacher, Miss Angel, was always so impressed when she would try all the tricks like a forward roll on the balance beam! 
Charlotte’s favorite activity though was the bars.  She would giggle and squeal when I put her on them!  And she has some strong arms — she could hold herself on the bars for a few seconds!  She even did a loop on the bar!
Charlotte also loved the balls and bubbles.  I’ve got to remember to buy a SloMo ball because she loves them!
Charlotte can’t wait for gym to start back in the fall!

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