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A Rainy Game Day

This weekend we played Penn State and we were very excited about the game.  We came down Friday night and started the weekend right by meeting up with one of Jason’s friends from high school and his wife for dinner.  We had a great time catching up with Eric and Amanda.  We hope that we can get together more often!

Saturday was a lazy morning/afternoon while we analyzed the radar every 15 minutes to try to figure out what our rain chances were for the day.  Charlotte didn’t really seem fazed and enjoyed playing with her toys in her game dress once she got up from her nap.

It started raining about the time we were planning on heading out for our pre-game festivities so we changed our plans and when it slacked up walked over the stadium in the drizzle.  C went in with Mom and Dad again so Jason and I got to relax and eat and find some seats on the glass in the Zone.  By the time Dad brought C over to us our neighbors that were sitting with us were there and we all had fun watching Charlotte enjoy her dinner.  Then we headed out the stands to enjoy what we hoped would be a good game.

It was neat to see Joe Paterno come out onto the field.  All the fans (both sides) stood up and cheered for him and they had him, Bobby Bowden, and Coach Saban on the jumbo tron.  Coach Saban looked like a kid he was smiling so big at Paterno.  It was neat to see.  Knowing what good friends Coach Paterno and Coach Bryant were it was neat that they came back to Tuscaloosa on Coach Bryant’s birthday.

Charlotte did great again during the game.  She sat in my lap and danced and clapped and hopped up and down.  The helicopters flying overhead were the biggest hit again and every time she saw one she started giggling and pointing and waving at them.  She played some peek-a-boo with Mrs. Susan and Mrs. Nancy behind us and enjoyed shaking the shaker that Miss Kate got her.  She got scared during the flyover because Jason put his hands over her ears but other than a super-quick cry over that she did great.  A funny story is that she started grabbing my upper arm and looking at me so I told her it was an arm.  She then spent the next five minutes grabbing my arms, Jason’s arms, and her arms saying “arm” each time.  She knew her elbow, hands, and fingers but hadn’t made the connection to arm yet so that was fun.

Charlotte and I left at halftime again for her bedtime.  She wanted down when we got outside and since she was heavy and I knew she hadn’t walked in hours I let her down.  She walked most of the way back to the condo and kept saying “No!” when I asked her if she wanted me to pick her up.  I finally just picked her up because I was afraid she was going to collapse with all that walking!  She loved watching the people and everything else around her though!  She got to bed good and now (or as I was typing since this won’t get posted until Sunday because I’ve got to finish uploading picture) I’m watching the rest of the game.

It was a great day and a great weekend.  We got to see our friends Leigh and Justin in the afternoon which was fun.  I love seeing Leigh (who is pregnant) and her sweet little pregnant figure! A solid win over Penn State didn’t hurt our moods either!  I’m headed out on Monday with my Mom for a fun trip to New York.  I’m looking forward to spending some time just me and Mom — it will be the first time for quality like that in a long time — but am also pretty nervous about being in New York and being away from Jason and C.  Just something I’m struggling with so I’d appreciate your prayers for our safety and the calming of my fears.  I’ll be tweeting while I’m gone so you can follow me there and I’m sure I’ll post a recap once we get back!

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    September 13, 2010 at 12:35 am

    I love her gameday outfit…and you look super cute too, Jennifer!

  2. Reply
    September 13, 2010 at 2:53 am

    thanks for the shoutout! she is precious and incredibly smart. loved seeing you this weekend!!

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