Back to Tuscaloosa!

This weekend we traveled to Tuscaloosa for the first of many game weekends this fall.  It’s hard to believe that it’s already time for football again, but we were ready to enjoy a fun weekend!  Charlotte did great on the drive down (we are so thankful that we have a dvd player… it makes the trip so much more enjoyable for her and for us!) and we enjoyed a relaxed Friday night.

On Saturday we got up and hung out until nap time when Jason, Charlie, and I ventured out to do a little shopping.  Charlotte looked so cute in her Alabama polo dress! And looking at these pictures, she looks like such a big girl!

When we got home one of my good friends, Lindsey, came over and I was so glad to see her!  Lindsey is one of the sweetest people I know and someone who I greatly admire.  I loved getting to chat with her and catch up.  We haven’t seen each other in person since the spring and it was so nice to chat.  Charlotte was a little timid when she got up from her nap and someone she wasn’t used to seeing was there but by the end of Lindsey’s visit Charlotte was playing with her and sharing her toys (except Elmo!) with Miss Lindsey.  I hope we get to see you again soon Lindsey!

After Charlotte’s afternoon nap we go ready and started our game day festivities.  We headed over to see some friends and refreshments and Charlotte loved walking around the lawn and exploring somewhere new.  After trying and trying to keep her out of the mulch we gave in and let her do what she wanted which was picking up handfuls of mulch and putting them on top of the bushes.  I hope Dr. Witt doesn’t mind Charlotte’s landscaping! 🙂

Charlotte started the game with Memma and Papa G which allowed Jason and I to enjoy our food and checking out the new South Zone.  It is a beautiful addition with great views and wonderful food.  We are so thankful to have tickets anywhere in the stadium (thanks Dad!) but it’s especially nice to be in such a nice area.  Right before kickoff Dad brought C to us and she spent the rest of the time we were there being wonderful.

Charlotte loved clapping along with the rest of the fans and throwing her hands up for all of our touchdowns.  She LOVED dancing along to the band or the music over the sound system and enjoyed watching the different colors on the video boards behind us.  But Charlotte’s favorite activity of the evening occurred every 15 minutes or so when the helicopter flew over the stadium.  At that point she would squeal and point to it and then wave to it.  So cute!

She started to fade quickly though around 7:30 and so we headed home when halftime started to put her to bed.  That’s the one negative of having a child on a schedule, there usually isn’t much leeway for times like this when you want them to stay up a little later.  It’s ok though since we were already winning by a lot.  For future games Jason will probably stay for the rest of the game but for this one he came with us.  It did take us a little while to clean all the mulch out of Charlotte’s feet (we’ll be wearing closed toed shoes next week!) but she went down almost as soon as we put her down!

Overall, it was a wonderful weekend and a great start to this season.  It will sure be a different season this year with a toddler instead of a small baby but both ages have their advantages.  It was so much fun to see Charlotte get excited throughout the game and dance and clap.  She’ll just be one of those kids that doesn’t know any different than going to games every year and I think that’s a pretty fun way to grow up!

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    September 13, 2010 at 12:39 am

    You always do such a wonderful job recapping everything! I LOVED getting to see y’all. Even though it has been months, it didn’t feel like that at all. You’re little girl is even smarter than you describe her on the blog. A true delight to be around! I’m glad the season has just begun because I want to see lots more of y’all!!

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