Girls Trip to New York – Day Two – Shopping and Broadway

After our morning of fashion we set off to find some lunch on our way to shopping.  We started walking down Columbus and I texted my pledge sister Lindsay hoping that we might get to see her.  Mom and I ended up stopping at the Stage Deli for lunch and I was so excited when Lindsay said that she was going to run down and see us!  I loved catching up with her and finding how how she and her new husband, Brad, are enjoying married life!

After lunch Mom and I started walking towards Bergdorf-Goodman’s.  At this point my new shoes are killing my feet and I’m dying to buy a new pair of shoes that will be more comfortable.  As we walked into Bergdorf’s I was discouraged at the shoe selection.  We had apparently walked into the very high end designer shoe area and I knew that Jason wouldn’t be thrilled if I bought another pair of really expensive shoes.  So we kept exploring and eventually found the floor with more reasonable designers.  Mom found a cute top for game days and I found a new pair of Tory Burch flats!

After those purchases we got back on the elevator (that’s where we were in the above picture) and headed towards the children’s area.  Sadly, when we got to the children’s area we found that it was a very high end designer children’s section!  We were shocked when we saw this Christening gown and realized that #1) it was by Dior and #2) it was $1,500!  Mom did find a little wooden board book for C but we quickly got out of that section!

The Dior Christening Dress

After we left Bergdorf’s we did some walking and looking on Madison Ave but didn’t find anything.  We then headed to FAO Schwarz to see if we could find something for Charlotte.  I had never been in the store before and I was amazed at how big it was!  We enjoyed walking through the store and finding things that Charlotte will love when she gets older.  We finally settled on a pink elephant stuffed animal for C and got ourselves a little treat at the candy station!

We shopped a little bit more and then headed back to the hotel to rest for a few minutes and get ready for our night.  Some friends in Tuscaloosa told us that we had to go to the 21 Club for dinner.  I had checked the website out before we got to New York and I was impressed with the history of the restaurant and loved the celebrity table information.  When we got to the restaurant we were asked to wait in the lobby with some other patrons.  We were then taken in and seated at table 9, the table of Barbara Walters, Brian Williams, and two NFL team owners!  The atmosphere of the restaurant was really neat and the service was nice also.  We weren’t the only ones eating even though it was early and we ate from the Restaurant Week menu since we were going to Broadway (we were given the impression that that menu would be much quicker). 

After dinner we walked to the Gershwin Theater to see Wicked.  So many friends had told us how wonderful Wicked was before we went and I am such a big fan of The Wizard of Oz that we were really excited to see it.  The Gershwin Theater was huge and I loved the sets and the curtain artwork!

I really enjoyed the show.  The story does throw a wrench in the traditional Wizard of Oz story but the production was unbelievable.  All the sets were gorgeous as were the costumes and the actors were great.  We saw Glinda’s understudy but she did great along with the other regulars.  I love the theater and I loved this show.  I would love to see it again!

Our night got a little more drama-filled once we left the theater.  It was about 9:45 and we headed towards Broadway to catch a cab to our hotel.  We were standing on a block that was nearly empty and we flagged a cab a block up and it headed towards us.  However, as the cab was coming towards the curb a young boy stepped off the curb and grabbed the cab’s door as if he had flagged it.  We were walking towards the cab already and were about even with the front.  The cab driver called to us outside of the window and asked us where we were going.  At this point the boy’s mom had come off the sidewalk to get in the cab also and they were saying, not nicely, that the cab was ours.  Being the Southerner’s that we are, we told the cab driver to just let them have the cab but the driver was having none of it.  He locked the doors so that the boy couldn’t get in and kept asking us where he could take us. 

Even though we were walking away the cab driver never let up so the boy and his mom went back to the sidewalk and we went ahead and took the cab.  An important side note to tell you at this point is that Mom was unsure of our location in Manhattan during the whole trip so when the cab started going she didn’t know which way we were supposed to be going.  The cab driver forgot to start the fare and we (Mom and I) realized that a couple blocks away when another lady tried to get in the cab.  I tried to tell the driver that a couple times but he didn’t hear me.  Since Mom didn’t know where we were going and the cab driver wasn’t paying attention to me and hadn’t started the fare, she started to get nervous and asked me to call Jason.  I got Jason on the phone and we eventually got the driver’s attention and he said that the trip would just be about $10.  Mom’s fear that the driver was about to steal us got under my skin and I tried to keep Jason on the phone so that we could be tracked without telling Jason what was going on so I kept asking him if he’d done things that I asked him to do which, I could tell, was significantly annoying him.

The driver did eventually get us to our hotel but not after a few tense minutes wondering if we were going to make it there.  I think Dad and Jason got a little kick out of how scared we were but only after they knew we were safely in the hotel lobby.  The only positive for the driver was that he hadn’t locked the doors.  If the cab doors had been locked I’m not sure Mom wouldn’t have called 911 on the ride!

It was a dramatic end for a very exciting day.  We were busy on Tuesday starting with Fashion Week, doing some shopping, and then our show on Broadway.  It was a very fun day full of unique experiences!

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    September 19, 2010 at 9:45 pm

    Scary cab ride! I’m glad everything turned out fine.

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