Girls Trip to New York – Days Three and Four

One of the beautiful things about our trip was that while our Tuesday was pretty busy we had left Wednesday open to relax and enjoy the city.  So we slept late (9:30 Eastern!) and then got ready for a day of shopping.  Around noon we headed down to SoHo.  We stopped first at Bloomingdale’s and then went and ate lunch at Brinkley’s Pub and Kitchen.  After lunch we explored SoHo some more stopping again at Julian and Sara’s for some clothes for Charlotte and perusing the Scholastic Book Store amongst others.  We also stopped at White Black which is where I took this picture of me waiting for Mom to try some clothes on! 🙂

After shopping for a few hours of shopping we headed back to read at the hotel for a little bit and then head to dinner.  One of Mom’s best friends had told us repeatedly about a restaurant called Spice Market and told us that we had to go.  So we had reservations there on Wednesday night.  It was neat to go to an area (the Meatpacking District) that we had never visited before.  The streets were all cobblestone and the buildings were very  industrial looking.  The restaurant was very beautiful inside with a lot of carved wood.  However, the food was a little too exotic for us and wasn’t quite our favorite.  But I’m glad that we tried it though!

On Thursday we woke up early and headed to the airport.  After two fairly normal flights back we landed at home and ended our trip. 

It was so nice to get away just Mom and I for a few days.  We enjoyed doing some once-in-a-lifetime things and had some great chats.  We rarely spend much time just the two of us anymore so I loved being able to just be a Mom and Daughter again.  Thanks Mom for a great trip!

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