Growing Up

Last week I started to wonder how time flies so fast.  All of a sudden Charlotte is more and more like a little toddler and less and less like a baby.  She’s been amazing me all week and I wanted to make sure I remembered these little moments forever.

Charlotte loves balls.  So one of her favorite parts at gym each week is when they get out the balls and let them play with them.  This week there were only a few kids in her class and Charlotte was the only  one of them walking consistently.  By the time ball time came around the other kids were tired and so they were laying with their Mommies and Charlotte was walking around playing with the balls.  When it was time to put them up her teacher asked her to bring the balls to her to help her clean up.  I kind of laughed and said something like, “I’m not sure she’ll want to give her ball up” but I was shocked and amazed when Charlotte walked over to her and handed her the ball that she had been playing with.  Then her teacher asked her to help her pick up the other balls and Charlotte walked around the room gathering the other three balls and bringing them to her teacher one at a time.  Not having a sibling at home and not playing with other kids very much she doesn’t often get a chance to practice giving something to someone else instead of keeping it for herself to play with and as I watched her gather those balls I realized that she’s growing up.  She’s learning to help pick up and learning that just because something goes away for that time doesn’t mean she doesn’t get to play with it again.  Not to imply that C has mastered sharing, but I was floored by how grown up she looked and acted in that situation.  That’s such a little kid thing to do something that a baby can’t grasp and I was so proud of C in that moment!

Charlotte’s vocal abilities are progressing at lightening speeds also.  She has been good at picking up animal sounds after we repeat them a lot and try to emphasize her saying them.  This week she surprised us by picking up a new animal sound without us working with her!  She loves birds now also (maybe it’s a b thing) and on Monday we were outside and so she was looking for birds.  I asked her what a bird says (rhetorically) and before I could answer she said “Tweet! Tweet!”  I have so say that this is one of the most precious animal sounds yet! It’s different every time she says it and I’m going to try to get it on video but she clearly says tweet, tweet.  This is also the first animal where she says the animal name and it’s sound.  All the others that she knows she says the sound in place of the name.

In the past few weeks Charlotte has started getting a lot more bumps and bruises.  She hit her head on her little maze box a couple times and got a cut across the bridge of her nose and then a big bump and bruise on her forehead (we put the box in the closet for the time being!).  On Monday we were outside taking some pictures before open house at school and Charlotte fell down and scraped her knee.  She, of course, flipped out and started crying.  We took her inside and cleaned it off and put a Hello Kitty bandaid on it.  We talked up the kitties on the band-aid and so she started looking at her knee and saying meow, meow.  On the way to school she would be fine and then she’d look at her knee and it would remind her of her accident and she’s start whimpering meow, meow and crying again.  But by the time we were on the way home she loved her kitties and spent the ride home meowing and waving to the kitties on her knee!

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