It’s a forest out here!

 I was just walking from the den into the kitchen to get something — I have no idea now what I was going to do! — and I saw out the window two deer! I yelled for Jason and he picked Charlotte up and we went to the windows in the breakfast room and saw two really large bucks out in the lots next to our house!  These pictures aren’t great because I don’t have a zoom lens (and didn’t have time to change to it even if I had had one) and they’re pretty fuzzy since I had to crop so much in order to see them in the pictures but you can see how big they are.  We think we counted 8 points on the larger buck but couldn’t get a clear picture on the smaller one — it might just be a two point.  The first two pictures show the larger bucks antlers pretty well, the last two are more to give you a size comparison. 

After they walked off through the trees Charlotte got down and started walking to the back door and then back to the windows where we were watching them saying “DEER! DEER!”  She eventually started saying “DEER! BYE!” when she realized that we weren’t letting her see them any more.  And then she got excited all over again when she saw the pictures on the computer. 

I’m shocked that they came out into the open like that at 6:45 PM!  I’m also now afraid that it was these two bucks that ate the plants out of our planters on the front porch a few weeks ago!  We’ve seen a lot of deer recently but none this big!  We’ll see if we see them again!

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    September 28, 2010 at 1:07 pm

    That is too funny! Aidan saw deer at my parents’ house and spent the rest of the day telling them “shhh, quiet, I see deer” so they wouldn’t scare them away! Charlotte and Aidan would have a good time watching for the deer!

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