Our Little Gymnast

Charlotte is still loving her Tuesday morning’s at gym.  She loves crawling all over the mats and hanging from the bars.  This week she even walked all the way across the beam! 

Watching her teacher to see what’s going to come out of the magic closet next! This week we played with the parachute! 

Either during explore time or when she was supposed to be doing something else and was exploring on her own instead! 🙂  I’m pretty sure she was looking at the orange tape on the blue mat trying to figure out why those colors were together since her Mommy never lets her draw with the orange and blue crayons at the same time! As soon as I took the picture she started trying to pull the orange tape off.  Ha! 

Charlotte LOVES ball time! As you can see in this picture sometimes our play with the balls is a little unique but she always has fun!

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