Pants on the bed

The only milestone at Charlotte’s 15 month appointment that I wasn’t sure about was when they asked us if she was taking off any of her clothes.  She has helped us take off and put on clothes for a long time now moving her arms, etc but so far we had escaped the dreaded tale of coming to wake her up from a nap to find her diaper off and that she’d gone to the bathroom everywhere.  I wasn’t encouraging that so I told the nurse that she wasn’t taking things off herself but would help us.

Only a few weeks later I looked on the monitor during C’s nap and realized that I thought I saw a pants-less diaper in the air.  So I took my camera up when I got her up and this is what I found.  Her little jeans had come off while she was playing before she went to sleep.  She, obviously, was not too enthused at the camera in her face when she woke up but the pictures were too cute to pass up!

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    September 7, 2010 at 4:09 am

    Charlotte is too cute, Jennifer!! I can’t believe how fast these little ones grow! I’m so glad you are enjoying (and documenting) every minute 🙂

    I would LOVE to meet up one of these upcoming weekends. That would be too fun. We’ve got some trips planned mid-Sept and then another the beginning of Oct., but I would love to be in touch about a time. Thanks for suggesting this.

    Love, blessings . . . and Roll Tide! 🙂

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