Taking after Mama

Last week we went and bought Charlotte some new fall shoes.  She had outgrown everything but one pair of sandals so it was time for some shoes that would require socks and (hopefully) see us well into winter.  Charlotte took after her Mama and loved looking at the shoes.  I closed the little door into the shoe room and let her walk around and she would pick up one pair only long enough to find another where she would discard the first pair for the next.  She just couldn’t make up her mind!  We ended up getting three pairs of sqeaker shoes but we quickly took the squeakers out once we got home.

Charlotte loves her shoes though and every time she would walk by where they were on the counter she would squeal “Shoes! Shoes!”  So I’ve been letting her wear them around and she walks around so proudly with her new shoes on! 

I also finally got pictures of her standing up by herself.  She’s been doing this since mid-August.

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