The Anatomy of Finger Painting

I got everything set out on the table and C got interested.  She walked over and wanted up into her chair.
She watches with interest as I paint my hand blue and put it on the paper.
 But when I hold the paint brush and move to paint her hand she gets unsure.
 So instead of the paintbrush she lets me take her hand toward the paint.
 But that turned ugly quickly!
 She started frantically signing “All Done!!”
 We try again with the white paint…..
 Maybe a little better…
 But then we’re back to “ALL DONE!!”
 “Seriously people! I’m ALL DONE!”
 “Get this stuff off of my fingers!”
 “Now it’s on my forehead and in my hair!!”
 “This is the worst Sunday afternoon activity ever!”

So our first try at finger painting wasn’t a success.  Which is odd since she has no problem making a huge mess with her food when she eats.  She feeds herself without utensils all foods including oatmeal, grits, rice, salad dressing, squishy fruits, bananas…you name it and she eats it with her hands!  We’ll try again soon.  I hope she gets the hang of it soon because I had some Christmas crafts planned that require her to get messy!

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    September 29, 2010 at 1:41 am

    Just stumbled on your blog through another! What a great activity to do with your little one, she is a doll! I’m gonna have to do this with my girl!

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