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On Friday we hosted a Halloween playgroup and has so much fun having our friends over.  I had a good time putting together some fun Halloween treats and using playgroup as an excuse to get a few more Halloween decorations for our house.  We had a great crowd — 20 people in all! — and had a great time together! I can’t wait to do it again soon!

I had fun putting together some Parenting treats.  (The recipes will be featured during this weeks Recipe Wednesday!)

Marshmellow Ghosts

Witch on a Stick
I had gotten a foam pumpkin kit and some of the kids had fun putting them together. 
Charlotte, Joshua, Caroline, and Rylie

Caroline showing us her beautiful pumpkin!

Rylie put hers together all by herself! As the oldest at playgroup Rylie was so sweet to all the younger kids!
There was lots of playing going on! Our den was basically a sea of toys, kids, and mommies!
Charlotte loved playing with baby Reese!  She kept reaching out and kind of air petting her.  She doesn’t know what to do with such a cute baby!

William had a festive Halloween passy!

Reese was all smiles all morning! She is a great baby!
Kate was so sweet all morning! 

Charlotte kept everyone entertained with her unique dancing! She continues to be baffled as why everyone laughs when she dances though.  She has her own moves and I LOVE watching her dance! I hope she continues to dance for a long, long time!
The boys were a little more rambunctious than I was used to so it was harder to catch them for pictures but I did happen to get Charlotte close to them for a few!
Thomas was a little unsure about Charlotte.  He might have see her dancing earlier! Maybe we’ll get to use this picture at their rehearsal dinner! 🙂

But I did convince C to give Thomas a hug.  She decided to go for it while his back was turned.  (Her hugs just involve her leaning her head in to you which is what she’s doing here.)

Then she went and gave William one too! He’s pretty unsure of C also! Haha!

Charlotte held her arms up to Miss Kelly when she saw that Caroline was distracted! C loved getting a quick hug from her!

But she wasn’t too interested in getting her picture taken with Mommy….

Overall, we had a great morning and were so glad that so many of our friends were able to come.  I love playgroup because it gives the kids some kid time with other kids and also gives the Mom’s some time to chat and catch up.  We missed our friends that weren’t able to make it but are looking forward to the next playgroup!

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