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If you have followed Alabama football for a number of years you know that the Florida game tends to be a pretty big game.  We don’t play them every year since they are not our East rival (TN is) but we play them in the regular season and for the past two years have met them in the SEC Championship game.  The games are big games even if the scores don’t always reflect that.  So last weekend we went in feeling under a lot of pressure since we were so highly favored (the last line that I heard had us 9 points up).  After so many years being the underdog it still feels wrong to come into a big game favored.

We got into Tuscaloosa on Friday night as usual and had a night with just the three of us since Memma and Papa G had a dinner to attend.  With such a late kick on Saturday we had plenty of time to relax during the day so we took our time getting ready and Charlotte had a ball noticing the blimp by the stadium and constantly checking for puppy dog’s walking by the condo.  She also wore her red puppy dog outfit so we heard lots of “Woofs!” during the day!

 C loved the blimp (which she’s pointing to here) and missed it on Sunday when she got up and it was gone!

 The black spot on her chin? Leftover chocolate from her cookie! We cleaned her face as soon as we took a picture, I promise!

With the time change to a 7pm kick we got Charlotte a babysitter and headed over to the game.  It was so nice to sit with Mom and Dad and not really worry about the game since our boys had it pretty much in hand from the beginning.  We’re hoping we get to meet up with Florida again in December so that we can continue our winning streak!

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