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Goldilocks and her Little Bear

Last Friday Charlotte and I met Caroline and Kelly at the botanical gardens for a morning of fun.  Our fall schedules have been so crazy that we haven’t gotten to see them in a while and so we (at least Charlotte and I!) were craving some together time with Caro and Kelly.  So we met to explore the gardens and see the scarecrows.  We had a wonderful time and I’m so glad that we got to do it!

Caroline is so sweet with Charlotte! They love each other but since Caroline is the older one she’s usually the one showing her love the most.  I’m sure that will change as they get older but right now Caro loves giving C hugs and holding her hands.  I love seeing them being so sweet together!

Caroline wanted a picture with me.  I was so happy to oblige!

Checking out the big spider

I love this picture that Kelly took!

When we got to a wooden treehouse area C took off on her own exploring.  She was hilarious just leaving us all to go see what she wanted to see.  She is definitely becoming more independent!

I wanted a picture of Charlotte in front of the Wizard of Oz display but all C would do was wave to Kelly and Caroline on the treehouse!

When we got to the Children’s Garden Charlotte was off again.  She loved both of the fountains and running around to look at things by herself.  She was NOT happy when I would redirect her to a different area.  She loved picking up handfuls of gravel and trying to get in the sand area.  My child won’t touch finger paint or jello at home but has no problem sticking her hands in to yucky sand at the gardens?!?!

Goldilocks and her Little Bear — they’re so cute!

I am so thankful for Kelly and Caroline and their friendship’s.  I hope that Caroline and Charlotte remain close as they grow older!

**PS Thanks Kelly for some of these pictures! 🙂

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