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Homecoming at The Capstone

Saturday proved to be a very long, but fun day.  We knew it would be with an 8 pm kickoff but children only sleep so late so when 8 am rolled around we were up with Charlotte!  Thankfully the parade was pushed back until noon so we got to take our time getting ready before heading out.
We were hard pressed to find a place in the shade on University but we did find a little shade and claim it.  It was next to a family with a small Yorkie so Charlotte immediately wanted to go over and see her.  Thankfully Emma (the dog) was very sweet and let Charlotte pet her!

Then it was about 30 minutes before the parade made it down to us so Jason took Charlotte on a walk to see the Walk of Champions! I just love the little Just Ducky dress that she is wearing! It’s even cuter with Roll Tide monogrammed on it!

Hanging out with Miss Kelly waiting on the parade

We put C back in her stroller to watch the parade so that we couldn’t have to keep a death grip on her hand the whole time.  Such a good idea because she was content (with her snack trap and snacks!) the whole time and one of us didn’t have to hold her!

Shellie Street was the Homecoming Queen and is also the current Miss University of Alabama.  We were so excited to see an Alpha Chi as Queen!

C loved Miss Shellie and is now thinking that she would like to be Queen one day!

After the court the floats started coming.  Charlotte got excited every time she saw an elephant figure on them.  Good thing we’re Alabama and everyone had elephants!

She started trying to pull out of her stroller when she got excited! But she wasn’t about to lose her snacks in the process!

Glad to see our Alpha Chi’s! We hated that Lauren was on the other side of the float though and we couldn’t see her!

Love this family picture after the parade was over!

On the way back Charlotte wanted to walk so Memma and Papa G took over.  It took them a lot longer to get back than it did us! They said they finally just had to pick her up because she didn’t want to quit walking!
Our afternoon was fun watching football and being joined by lots of friends.  It was great to see Lindsey again and we loved seeing Lesley and Jeremy also!  Charlotte was a little overwhelmed though when she got up from her nap to 18 people in the condo!

By this point Charlotte was beginning to suspect that something wasn’t working out.  She was also exhausted from walking so much and not taking a great afternoon nap!

Our group this year! Just missing Caroline! This is our fourth Bama/Ole Miss game together and we’re looking forward to heading back to The Grove next year!
We got a babysitter for Charlotte and then went to the President’s Mansion for dinner.  I was excited to see Julia there and loved catching up with her at the game!

I wasn’t sure that I would make it through the game since it was so late but I did manage to stay awake!  We made it back to the condo around 11:45 but didn’t get to bed until almost 1:30! Thankfully we let Charlotte sleep late on Sunday and she did great — sleeping until 8:45!  The extra 45 minutes helped but wasn’t nearly enough! We’re still recovering from our lack of sleep this weekend! But it was a great trip and we were so glad that we got to see so many friends over the weekend!

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