Twas the day before Homecoming….

On Thursday morning we set out for Tuscaloosa.  I had meetings on Thursday afternoon and Friday and so we went down early.  Charlotte got lots of Daddy/Daughter time which I know that she loved!

Daddy/Daughter time meant that C spent a lot of time in her pj’s….

(For the record…this is lunch! Haha!)

Time watching YouTube with Papa G

Time on a walk to check out the AXO lawn decoration.  (It looked so good! They should have won!)

And time to see the Kappa house mother’s dogs!

Friday night marked the beginning of the Homecoming festivities for us and it started with Mom and Dad taking Charlotte to the Pep Rally.  Last year we didn’t make it down in time to attend so this was Charlotte’s first Alabama pep rally and bonfire.  She even got to sit on the stage with Mom and Dad.  Jason and I went out with Kelly and Tripp after a quick stop by the pep rally to see them so Mom and Dad took pictures of their night for us to enjoy later. 

After this outing Charlotte has become scared of large blow up animals and Big Al.  She still likes stationery elephants (like the ones on the floats in the parade) but when she saw Big Al in the parade she pushed herself as far back in her stroller as she could go and started shaking her head no!  We’ll assume that she’ll grow to love him one day!
In front of the library with Memma and Papa G

C doesn’t look too excited to get her picture taken with the Grand Marshall, Tyrone Prothro, but believe me, she’s ecstatic!

Mom said that Charlotte loved shaking her shaker during the pep rally!

We’ll guess that this was her excited face when they announced that Shellie Street, an Alpha Chi, was Homecoming Queen!

After the ceremony was over she stood in her chair and danced along with the band! It looks like in this picture she was copying the dance team’s move!

All night Saturday we had people coming up to us telling us how great she did at the Pep Rally and how adorable she was.  I loved her little elephant outfit that she wore and I’m glad that she got to wear it to something so special!  Thanks Mom and Dad for taking her!

Since Mom and Dad so graciously offerred to take C on Friday night we were able to hit the town with Kelly and Tripp.  We had a fun night that was pretty out of character for us but we were just enjoying being out without kids! 🙂

We started the night with dinner at Buffalo Phil’s which was great.  We hadn’t eaten there (I think) since 2008 when we all came down for a basketball game and Kelly was pregnant with Caroline!

After Phil’s we went down to The Houndstooth and enjoyed some drinks and having Charlie hang out with us for a little while.  The bar was pretty un-crowded but that was probably because it was barely 9 pm!  Haha!

We then headed down to the new TCBY on The Strip.  It’s not like a TCBY that I’ve been in before in that the yogurt is self serve and they have all kinds of toppings that you can add! The number of cereals on the topping bar cracked me up — everything from fruity pebbles to cocoa puffs!

We got home a little after 10 and were proud of ourselves (at least I was!) for staying out so late.  We had a great night — it was nice to be out with no time that we had to be home to pay the babysitter and without kids.  Those nights are very few and far between so just hanging out as friends was wonderful!

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