Annika in Training

They say girls marry their fathers.  Well, while Jason and my Dad aren’t clones of each other, they definitely both love golf.  Even though Dad’s been playing his whole life and Jason just picked it up in college, their passion for the game includes everything from weekend rounds to exotic scouting of courses to their love of watching golf on tv. 

Growing up I was hard pressed to think of something I wanted to watch less on tv than golf — it put me to sleep any time it was one when I was in the room, even if I was engrossed in a book!  So I was a little dismayed when I realized Jason’s love of golf had extended into love of watching tournament’s on tv as well as playing the game.  Imagine my surprise when, if given the option, Charlotte will almost always choose to watch golf over another event on tv!  She loves watching it!  She says “Boom!” when the players hit the ball or the ball lands.  She claps when everyone on tv starts clapping and yells, “Yay Golf!”  And (most humorously) she thinks her Papa is out there in the tournament and when any number of players come on the screen to hit she says, “Hey Papa!”

Jason got a new putter for his birthday and hadn’t had a chance to test it out on the course yet so he was practicing on the rug in the den during one of Charlotte’s nap times.  After Charlotte got up he picked it up again to see what she would do and she had the time of her life chasing down the golf balls for her Daddy!

Showing Mommy one of the golf balls

Showing me how she mastered holding two in one hand!
Charlotte did great retrieving the balls and would run after them to get them and then put them right back in front of Jason’s putter.  Sometimes she wanted to stand right in front of the ball which made it a little difficult for Jason to putt but other than that she was a great ball bringer backer!  But, eventually, she got tired of returning the balls and started holding on to one herself while returning the other two.  That gradually turned in to her holding two and returning one and then her not wanting to return any of them.  So at that point Jason decided to try and have a little putting lesson which Charlotte enjoyed almost as much as Daddy putting!

It cracked me up to see Jason try and fix her feet into the correct position every time she lined up over the ball, but he was trying his hardest to teach her the correct stance from the get go!  Who knows, maybe we’ll have a little Annika Sorenstam in our house!

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    March 31, 2011 at 2:40 pm

    When she makes it big…I definitely will be needing tickets for her first major 🙂

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