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I’ve got a lot of posts going on in my mind right now but not a lot of time to sit down and right them.  So in the meantime I wanted to catch you up on Charlotte’s ears.

We went in on the 10th and found (like I suspected) that she still had fluid in both of her ears.  That means we went through four rounds of 10 day antibiotic treatments in addition to the big antibiotic shot with no change in her ears.  Thankfully she’s a sweet little girl and is still sleeping good and, for the most part, acting like they don’t bother her but in the past few days I’ve noticed her touching them a lot more so I’m pretty sure she’s close to her breaking point as are we.  So after discussion with our ENT, who is a close family friend and someone we greatly trust, we have decided to go ahead and get tubes put in Charlotte’s ears tomorrow morning.

We have to be at the center at 6:45 in the morning and the surgery is slated for 7:45 am.  Our doctor has told us that it will be quick (he keeps saying we won’t have time to go and get a cup of coffee before it will be over) and he says that she will be perfectly fine by the time we take her home soon after the procedure.

If you could join us in prayer about tomorrow and tomorrow morning we would really appreciate it.  Some specific prayer requests would be:
– An easy morning getting to the center.  C normally sleeps until 8 am and we have to be there at 6:45am so it’s going to be a very early morning with her and we can’t give her anything to drink (including water or milk) once she gets up.  If we don’t get her her milk pretty soon after she wakes up she asks for it so please pray that she will be able to handle the change in her routine without really upsetting her.
– A painless transition from us to the surgery team.  I’m sure they will give her some loopy meds to make her not as upset when they take her from us to go to surgery but I’m doubting it will erase all of her fears.  So please pray that she goes to them ok because I’m not sure how well we’ll be able to take it if she is really desperate for us not to give her to them.
– A quick, painless, problem-free, sucessful surgery.  The procedure is supposed to be super routine and quick but just pray for Dr. Mike and his team as they operate on C that everything goes smoothly and without problem.
– A good morning/afternoon/evening of recovery at home so that C doesn’t have to go through too much pain or discomfort after the procedure.

Thank you for supporting us with your prayers.  It means so much to know that we have this community of believers out there who are praying along with us.  I probably won’t get back on to update immediately (I’ll try but can’t make any promises) but I’ll be tweeting throughout the day if you want to stay caught up with us.  You can check out my twitter feed via this link.

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  1. Reply
    Kristen Keeling
    March 16, 2011 at 9:18 pm

    I’ll be praying for her but also for you! I’m sure your nervous too. I know it’s a routine procedure but still….us mommies get a little weird when it’s our babies. She’ll do great & is in the Hands of the Great Physician. 🙂

  2. Reply
    March 17, 2011 at 12:53 am

    I will be praying for all of you tomorrow. I am setting my alarm for 6:45AM! Love you!

  3. Reply
    March 17, 2011 at 3:44 am

    Praying for Charlotte and you guys! Both of my girls had tubes and it was the best thing we ever did for them. It was a little rough coming out of anesthesia b/c they were so out of sorts. But once we got them home, they were playing as if nothing had happened! Hope all goes well for you guys!

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