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Hoppy Easter!

After an egg hunt on Saturday we woke up Sunday morning ready to worship our risen Lord and to see what the Easter Bunny had brought Charlotte.  Lucky for her, the Easter Bunny was really good to her!

Her basket (from LaLa and Company) was filled to the brim with goodies!  The Easter Bunny brought lots of fun “jewelry” — the shinier the better — as well as a whole package of silly type bands!  In addition she got lots of stickers including a roll of 100 puppy dog stickers!  She also got some bunny sidewalk chalk.  Two of her most used presents were the books in her baskets.  The Easter Bunny brought her a Bible story book and a Big Sister book!

(As a sidenote, later in the week after Easter I needed to get ready to go somewhere and so left Charlotte in the den watching Mickey for a few minutes while I ran back to our room.  Usually she runs back and forth when I go into our room but on this day she didn’t.  There isn’t really anything within her reach that she can get into trouble with and she’s really good so I didn’t think anything of it.  But when I came back a few minutes later I found that she had unrolled the roll of 100 puppy dog stickers and stuck EVERY ONE in a stack on her shirt! I was planning on letting those stickers last weeks but Charlotte thought that they would best be used in a few minutes!

Also, the Bible Stories book is wonderful and I highly recommend it! It’s the perfect length to read a few short stories at the end of our bedtime reading.  It introduces Charlotte to some stories we hadn’t talked about yet (Joseph isn’t really something that a two year old gets in to) and gets her thinking about the concepts and God.  She got a Bible in her basket last year and while it will be really nice in the next year probably, this book is a little better for those her age and younger since the stories are much shorter but still get the major points across.)

So, needless to say, Charlotte was very excited to check out her Easter basket after coming down stairs!

After breakfast we got dressed and headed to church.  I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t a bright, sunshiny day (don’t you always want Easter to be like that?) but we still got a few good pictures outside of church and then enjoyed a good worship time.  Charlotte joined us and Mom and Dad at church and did a really good job.  We knew we needed to get there early to get seats for everyone but even getting there twenty minutes early we ended up sitting about five rows from the front which wasn’t my ideal with an almost two year old, but it worked fine!  As you can see, Charlotte brought her little Bible with her as well as her Bible story book in her bag.  She definitely loves the Word!

After church we headed over to one of my aunt and uncle’s for lunch.  You can see that her necklaces came with us in the car and it took some intense persuading to get them off for church and the family picture!

We were unsure as to how Charlotte would do since we sit down for lunch until around noon and she usually naps from 12 until 3.  But once she got some food in her you couldn’t even tell she was missing nap time!  She loved playing with Sam, Abby, Mary, and Lauren and especially loved looking at the puppy dogs, Max and Jack!

We eventually came home and put Charlotte down for a late nap and enjoyed the rest of our Easter Sunday as a family.  It was a wonderful day of family and fun and we were so thankful for our Lord’s sacrifice as we remembered his death and resurrection.

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